Farewell Words

A memorial service is a curious creation. On the surface, we behave as if the service is for the person who has just died. We try to honor their wishes, sing their favorite hymns, read their favorite poems, tell stories that demonstrate how we loved them and so forth. But really… really the memorial service is for the people who come to it. The people who need closure, who need comforting, who need to know that one is honored after death (even if not always before), who need to be able to imagine that “something like this will happen for me.” We all need reassurance that we will not be forgotten.

Worship Materials: Funeral Resources

We have come in the midst of life to grieve for the death of ____, to give thanks for his/her life and to bid him/her farewell. Death and life are one in the purposes of love. Jesus said 'if you grieve with all your heart, you shall find healing’.

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Prayer at a memorial for an infant child

O Dear One, we are overwhelmed with frustration with the impossibility of fully accepting this unacceptable death.

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Candlelight & Blessings: Symbols and Rituals for Death and Grieving

Death is inevitable, mysterious, and often confusing. At the deathbed, patients and those gathered seek meaning, and many long for a sense of the Spiritual. Yet chaplains and spiritual caregivers have minimal information by which to determine how to provide support, limited time to develop rapport, and varying expectations from those they serve. Regardless of the religious background of the patient and the loved ones gathered at the deathbed, there are elements of symbol and ritual that take on a pronounced role and a greater importance as one is facing the end of life.

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