What Is Christian?

Progressive Christians are constantly challenged to claim the title of Christian — in the sense of being a follower of Jesus’ teachings — while letting go of most of the dogma that has been developed over the centuries by the human institution that is church. We are redefining, again, what the word “Christian” means. It requires constant explanation, but with each explaining, it becomes clearer.

The kingdom is at hand

A young man roams the city With anger in his eyes. His rage glows like an ember, His soul is cold as ice.

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What is Christianity All About?

Trying to figure out what Christianity is all about, I ask a lot of questions. All I want is a simple answer, but I keep getting different opinions from different people. Is that all there is? Opinions? Where are the facts?

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Values to Build a Life On - Pat IV

The 22nd chapter of Proverbs seems like a random list of statements that are right brain rather than left because they wander around a labyrinth rather than go straight to a clear point. Yet a message of compassion stands out that begins with how children are raised.

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