To be on a spiritual journey is to be constantly evolving our “mental models” about how the world works, how we fit into it, who or what God is (or isn’t) and how God works in the world.

Scientists use mental models all the time.  They imagine a structure that explains the known data, whether of a gene or a galaxy, and then proceed to ask questions and collect more data to refine that model.  When too many results don’t fit the current model, they will conclude that the model must be wrong and they will find a new one that does explain the data.  It can seem challenging for many folks to do this when it comes to their spiritual models, but it’s really just the same process.  We look for a new model that better explains what we have observed and experienced, when the old ones don’t seem to fit any more.

After Weeks of Reading Spong

Lord Jesus, whom we call Christ, hear our prayer: We have finished the book. Were you here, reading over our shoulders? Listening to our comments? What do you think?

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