Pentecost 2024

Pentecost is often called “the birthday of the church.” With the institutional church going through a period of turmoil and change, it’s not obvious what kind of birthday will be celebrated generations from now. The very human desire to gather in community, though, and the powerful ways that spirit energy moves in community, will most likely still be present. We seek it out as one way to experience our connection to that “power in the universe forever on the side of those brave enough to trust it,” to quote Montaigne.

Worship Materials: Pentecost

THEME The Festival of Empowerment THOUGHTS FOR REFLECTION 1. The fire from above like the image of the halo or aura is an outward manifestation that springs from the strangely warmed heart, the heart that has experienced Christ's liberation.

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Doxology for Humanity

Praise life that makes us change and grow Praise love that makes compassion flow Praise peace that ends all strife and fear Praise hands that work for justice here

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A Communion Liturgy for Pentecost Sunday

Written by John van de Laar © Sacredise Publishing (

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