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Pluralism Sunday May 3, 2020

“Diversity is inevitable.  Pluralism is an achievement.”  We sometimes use these words — diversity and pluralism — as if they meant the same thing.  But diversity is a given; it names the differences that exist, that we see around us every day.  We can respond to diversity by ignoring it, by minimizing it, by trying to assimilate it, or… by engaging it, trying to understand the differences, and working together to create our common society.   That’s when you’ve arrived at pluralism.  In the often-used metaphor of society as an orchestra, full of diverse instruments, pluralism is when you finally start to make music together.

When the World Reveals a Fractured Face

When the world reveals a fractured face, When the parts diverge to form extremes, Can we build a world by joining hands To fulfil the Gospel’s many dreams?

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