Springtime is for planting, one of those everyday expressions of great faith. We plant seeds and water and weed them, and expect a harvest of zinnias or zucchini. We plant an acorn and marvel at the size of the eventual oak tree. But we do the planting with such certainty, such trust in the laws of nature. We cannot see the seed until the first green shoot breaks the surface, but we have no hesitation in taking care of it. In fact, we understand that we must take care of it if we want the harvest. The laws governing our spiritual lives are no less immutable, and the harvest no less yearned for… why is the trust so much harder?

Worship Materials: Spring

1. The fragrance of Spring lies not in judgement's intervention but in love's nurturing of the interior goodness. 2. Spring is not so much a moment as a movement, a manifestation of the sometimes hidden but always present life-force of God.

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Bring,O Morn, Thy Music

Bring, O morn, thy music! Night, thy starlit silence! Oceans, laugh in rapture to the storm-winds coursing free! Suns and planets chorus, praise to all found holy. ­ Life was, and is, and evermore shall be.

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Spring Equinox: Seeds of New Life

Mother of all life, soul of our being, center of all our longing, who shines for all and flows through all, Be with us, guide us, now and always.

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