Metanoia… change your thinking… see differently…

Transforming visions can do that for us. A sudden understanding of the trajectory of time and where we are headed, a surprising revelation of the true person standing before you, a poetic metaphor that forever alters your perspective. Once you have had such a vision you are never quite the same again.

The "End Times" Scenario

Creation through God, the Divine Force -- humans look to the facts As I write this, even as you read it -- those are certain human acts

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Word Jazz

In the beginning is the Word W-O-R-D And the Word is with God And the Word is God And the Word is the bird That Jesus talked about

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Worship Materials: Transfiguration

THEME The Vision that Transforms THOUGHTS FOR REFLECTION 1. To see Christ in another human being is illumination. To see Christ in all human beings is transfiguration.

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