Discipline, Obedience, Accountability – OH MY!

There are a few words I have had “allergies” to over the years. Words like discipline, obedience, and accountability. Some have a more intense allergic reaction than others, such as difficulty breathing, maybe getting itchy or nauseous. Of course I jest, yet they are words that have produced some measure of tension in my body because of previous life experiences.

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Beyond Big Fundy

Meeting the Moment for Progressive Christianity

There’s a lot of criticism about Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Business.  And there’s been plenty of talk for decades about the dangers of the military-industrial complex. What about Big Fundy? We should name it for what it is: the fundamentalist-industrial complex.

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Schmookler on human nature. Organizing tool for Progressives. Dems better for the economy.

Brought to you by Egberto Willies: Andy Schmookler continues his series. This time, we discuss human nature and nurture. Shire’s Erica Chomsky discusses a tool for progressive organizing.

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On the Taming of White Christian Nationalism

The rise of Christian nationalism is a worldwide problem. In the United States, it begins with the idea that God chose America, that we as a nation are especially blessed.

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The Lost Art of Listening

There’s a kind of mystery in sitting calmly, patiently, attentively and tuning into someone else’s personal story and life journey. In this special program, you’ll hear the reflective insights of people who listen for a living: physicians, counselors and clergy.

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Who Stole My Bible?

Reclaiming Scripture as a Handbook for Resisting Tyranny

The Bible has been hijacked. We’ve all seen examples of sacred scripture being used and abused to justify racism, sexism, reactionary politics, and even violence.

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Dancing in the Darkness

Spiritual Lessons for Thriving in Turbulent Times

Moss takes the words from our ancient Scriptures and prophetically applies them to our most urgent moral battles and choices; in ways that makes the Bible come alive again.

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Fierce Love

A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World

We are living in a world divided. Race and ethnicity, caste and color, gender and sexuality, class and education, religion and political party have all become demographic labels that reduce our differences to simplistic categories in which “we” are vehemently against “them.”

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It’s Worth It: How to Talk To Your Right-Wing Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors

Our Politics Made Easy & Ready For Action

It does not matter how Progressive or Lefty you are. One can have a very enjoyable conversation with the most Right-Wing of relatives or friends. It is all about the approach.

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The NAACP’s acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community

Today, the NAACP has an LGBTQIA Committee Chairperson, Demar Roberts from S. C., who works to protect and advance the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Ron DeSantis and the State Where Education Goes To Die

The context for this article is the proposed new curriculum for the instruction of students on African American history.  Outrage over the proposal is mounting every day. 

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Father Bernie Lindley: A Valiant Vicar vs Scofflaw City

    Although alliteratively apt, “valiant”, a term most known through an eponymic comic book hero, Prince Valiant, is unlikely often to be paired with “vicar” except perhaps in some future British mystery series. “Father Bernie” Lindley …

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Spirituality for the Anthropocene

Global warming is the latest proof that we have crossed a boundary into a truly apocalyptic age, for we now live in a period when anthropogenic change is overpowering nature and life itself.

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Ask a Progressive Christian – Q: What Do Progressive Christians Believe About Climate Change?

Today’s “Ask a Progressive Christian” with ProgressiveChristianity.org Co-Executive Director Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines: What Do Progressive Christians Believe About Climate Change?

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What We Do and Say Matters

Toward an Ethics of Consequences

As a nation, we must move toward a place where the ethics of consequences weigh more heavily in our mind, heart, and spirit.  In an ethics of consequences, the rightness and wrongness of our choices matter.  Morality matters. 

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Ask a Progressive Christian – Q: What do Progressive Christians believe about debt?

Today’s “Ask a Progressive Christian” with ProgressiveChristianity.org Co-Executive Director Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines: Can you be a Christian agnostic? A Christian atheist?

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Transformative Activism:

A Values Revolution in Everyday Life in a Time of Societal Collapse

Are you fed up with an activism that isn’t truly transformative?

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When Love Isn’t Quite Enough

Love is, of course, an answer. And while most people of faith can agree on the command to love our neighbors, we need to face the reality of this moment. What is happening among us — the transnational struggles with democracy and attacks on human rights — is far more than a failure to love our neighbors.

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