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Interfaith Golden Rule Poster

Published by Scarboro Missions

The Golden Rule, known also as the Ethic of Reciprocity, is arguably the most consistent, most prevalent and most universal ethical principle in history. Many regard it as the most concise and general principle of ethics.

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Sacred Activism by Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey, Oxford scholar and visionary, believes that our survival depends on Sacred Activism, a fusion of profound mystical awareness, passion, clarity and sacred practice with wise, dedicated, radical action.

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Spiritual and Sustainable: Religion Responds to Climate Change

This interfaith conference addresses the issues and challenges of maintaining a sustainable planet. Focused on ways to engage, panelists examines the overlapping moral issues of climate change, sustainability, social justice, and mindfulness through the lenses of many of the world’s religious traditions.

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Climate Change and Churches- Sermon Video

“My passion is guiding faith communities to more fully live out the mission of being witnesses to Christ’s peace with justice,” said Rev. Murphy in accepting the appointment to lead PCU. “I see the future of Christianity as modeling a spiritual social movement and see PCU’s role as supporting congregations that seek to be part of that modeling.”

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Fresh-Brewed Community

  Seven years ago, Cat Moore (on the right, with a cup) took her cappuccino, sat down at a table in the Starbucks on Glendale Boulevard in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, and opened up …

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The Politics of Jesus

Part 1: the politics of the domination system The word ‘politics’ comes from the Greek word politikos, meaning “of, for, or relating to the polis.” Polis literally means ‘city’ in Greek. It can also mean ‘citizenship’ and …

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Monthly eBulletin- Personal and World Transformation Through Environmental Stewardship

Personal transformation occurs every time you enter into nature and stop to delight in its inherent divinity. World transformation occurs when we serve and protect our earth home. And, my friends, this CAN be done one person at a time. Our earth heroes and heroines have been showing us the way- it is time for us follow their lead, or become the new leaders for our future generations.

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Climate Change and Faith Curriculum

A Partner Organization of ours, Progressive Christians Uniting, created this excellent curriculum to help people grow in their communities to care for the earth both personally and socially. These resources are for small group formation. Thank you friends at PCU for sharing! Check out our new “Go Green” action item under Resources on the home page for more tips and info on climate change.

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INSPIRING MOVEMENT 2013 – THIS IS LIFE – Andrea Catozzi ( Expression Acrobatics Dance )

I’m sorry…I don’t want to be an emperor, that is not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone, if possible. Jew, Gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness, not their misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another.

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Worship Materials: Pilgrimage

From the Celebrating Mystery collection

1. Evolution is a law of life not just of biology.
2. Only the mystery is permanent. All other apparent permanence is illusion.

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90 Second Sermon Diva Does Divinity

One gal’s observations during her “stumble-through” with God.

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Earth Guardians “Be The Change” Music Video filmed by HBO

The planet doesn’t need saving. We do. Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez is not your average 14 year old. Dubbed the ‘Anti-Beiber’, he is mobilizing his army of teens in 25 countries to demand greener policy from our world’s leaders

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Let Justice Flow Down

For half the world’s population who have to live on less than £1 a day

All: Let justice flow down like a river

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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Youth Leadership Bioneers

A huge shout out to Bioneers San Rafal, CA for bringing us out to speak and share the Earth Guardian message! Check out this video for my six minute keynote. We will be at Front Range Bioneers in Boulder this Friday Nov. 7th so come out, get educated on the issues, get inspired and TAKE ACTION! This is our TIME!

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“What the Frack” music video by the Earth Guardians

The planet doesn’t need saving. We do. Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez is not your average 14 year old. Dubbed the ‘Anti-Beiber’, he is mobilizing his army of teens in 25 countries to demand greener policy from our world’s leaders.

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Monthly eBulletin- Personal And World Transformation Through Social Justice

There is hardly anything more rewarding then practicing acts of kindness, or when standing up for something we believe in, especially when we are able to see the positive affects of those actions. Jesus was first and foremost a social activist. He saw inequalities and injustices around him and he spoke out against them. He called us to give up our possessions, to share our bounty, and to love our enemies.

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Saving the Earth

For the last several decades it is been clear to me that one of the primary goals of the Jesus path is a profound spiritual experience of Oneness with all life. At times I have used terms such as becoming awake to the interconnectedness or interdependency of all creation and creatures. Admittedly, these are only words which attempt to describe an awareness which defies an exact or precise definition. Other spiritual teachers had different ways of describing this phenomenon, though they may have emphasized different steps to experience it. In all cases, a common objective from all the great and enlightened teachers is learning how to live on this earth with awareness that we are all part of one living organism.

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Children’s Lesson Plans – Caring for the Environment and Each Other

by Forest Nation

Students will gain an appreciation for the characteristics of Forest life and develop a relationship with a local ecosystem

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