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Progressive Christianity: Hope for the Future?

The final Marcus Borg Memorial Conference in association with the 2021 Carrs Lane Lectures in Radical Christian Faith, was held online October 19, 2021. The conference brought together two leading and younger voices for progressive Christianity in the USA and Australia.

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The Great Digital Commission

Embracing Social Media for Church Growth and Transformation

Attendance in US churches continues to sharply decline. As church leaders struggle to identify both root causes and possible responses, they often feel a sense of despair… but there is hope!

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Church After: Finding transformation in unexpected change

Change is inevitable. Make it transformational.
Find transformation in unexpected changes, in your life and your congregation

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What They Are Saying About Us

Fundamentalist leaders used to describe progressive Christians as a shrinking heretical sect, if they noticed us at all.  Now they condemn us as an existential threat to the survival of evangelicalism.  Their rhetoric should inspire in us a healthy vigilance, as America drifts into deeper polarization and ominous threats of violence. 

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Celebrating Pride Month with Faith & Reason

Faith & Reason is celebrating by talking to LGBTQ Christians and ministers about their experience in the church, as well as how individuals can help inspire progressive change in their own congregations.

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The Death and Resurrection of God: From Christianity to the New Story

(Kindle Edition)

If traditional religion no longer holds you, yet you yearn for a deeply spiritual and intellectually satisfying communion with the great Mystery, this book offers the New Story, the Universe Story, that is evolving out of all that has gone before. Author Don Murray invites us into a quantum leap of consciousness that is now happening. He takes us through the 13.7 billion years of an evolving universe and assesses where humanity is, and how we can live into a creative future. Quantum physics, depth psychology, the human journey – which includes the biblical story – provide the material with which he weaves the New Story.

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Experiencing Other Ways to Worship

With the restrictions of gathering because of COVID-19 what are your thoughts on other ways to worship?  Can you experience the same benefits by attending an online service or in an outdoor service where everyone is spread out safely?

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When (If) We Gather

Economists are predicting that one in six restaurants will be permanently closed as a result of the pandemic. Sadly, when progressive congregations emerge from our current sabbatical or at least our retreat to online only services, the casualty rate may be much higher than what has hit the restaurant business.

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The Gathering, A Womanist Church Origins, Stories, Sermons, and Litanies

BY Irie Lynne Session, Kamilah Hall Sharp, Jann Aldredge-Clanton

A womanist church has great power to transform church and society, primarily because womanist theology centers the experiences of Black women while working for the survival and wholeness of all people and all creation.

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Progressives Vote As If…

Be part of the change our country needs by voting to protect the rights of all.

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Does the church deserve to die

For centuries the Church has battled to preserve its existence from threats to its dogma, creeds and influence. Those who dared to challenge its orthodoxy were sometimes treated with “extreme unction”. Ecclesiastical trials were often followed by burnings at the stake.

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Progressive Faith and Practice

Covid-19 will also have a casualty count among congregations. Which churches will survive into the 21st century and, frankly, which ones really shouldn’t? If loneliness is the number one form of suffering in the western world, surely the connections made in a faith community should be a major solution to that isolation.

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To Open Or Not To Open

Houses of Worship all over the world are discerning how and when to open.

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Luther and the Bible

The fact of the matter is that although Luther turned to the Bible in order to attack church doctrine, he turned to it as he interpreted it. He never believed it to be inerrant.

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Bible Study, A Wholistic Approach

I (try to) lead an hour or so Bible Study before each of my two-Sundays-a- month preaching gigs… and am amazed at (and grateful for) their participation, receptivity, and curiosity… about the coming Sunday’s texts. How can I offer a more systematic, “remedial,” wholistic approach to the great Biblical stories, promises and callings? 

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Open to Receive While the Doors Are Closed

During this time of unprecedented change, how can we create maintain and create greater financial sustainability?

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Churches Social Media Toolkit

Created by Rev. Caleb J. Lines

It is extremely unfortunate that the coronavirus is negatively impacting so many (especially those who are elderly or living in poverty) and disrupting our day-to-day lives, however, one valuable insight that may result from this disastrous virus is congregational awareness about the necessity of technology.

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PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc.

An Online Institute for Progressive Christian Theology

PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc., is a Progressive Christian learning community seeking to empower transformative leadership for justice and peace within and beyond the church by engaging heart and mind to consider what it means to know, love and serve God in today’s changing world. 

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