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On communion.

Who gets to receive the goods?

  House for All Sinners & Saints was only about a year old when I took a Sunday morning phone call from a young parishioner who had gone home to Grand Rapids for a weekend visit. I …

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The Self-Destructive American Church

I talk to a lot of people who grapple with religious doubts. Many of them harbor doubts about traditional faith, including a personal, supernatural, providential, and interventionalist God. An even larger number of them express doubts about institutional religion.

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Oops. Seem to have had a revelation…

Some things done in the name of God by people of religious communities have been some of the lowest acts of humanity.

While I’m not the clergy-person who might have caused you hurt, I would like to apologize on their behalf. Because, it seems, they owe you an apology—and at this time they are unable to give it to you.

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Heresy is Good

A podcast pushing back against the evangelical right, their distortion of the gospels, their hypocrisy, and their self-righteousness.

The “Heresy Is Good” podcast is about fighting back against the evangelicals’ disinformation and distortion of the gospel.

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Here We Go Again!

We can no longer deny that the seeds of racism and hatred are growing at a pace which threatens to choke our long-ago dreams of a multicultural paradise.

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Celebrating Pride Month with Faith & Reason

Faith & Reason is celebrating by talking to LGBTQ Christians and ministers about their experience in the church, as well as how individuals can help inspire progressive change in their own congregations.

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A Rabbi’s Apology

To those affected by the discovery of mass graves of First Nations’ children In Canada.

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Homeland Security?

Faith, patriotism, and exile - and the need for a better spirituality of country

This week is Canada Day and July 4, two celebrations of national life in North America. Both holidays are particularly complicated – even painful – this year as citizens in both Canada and the United States struggle with legacies of colonialism and racism in history and our political lives.

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Neither Good nor Bad

As violence and division erupt here at home and around the world, we are forced again to ask of ourselves: who are we? What is the essential nature of human beings? Are we inclined to do good, or are we bound to pursue what might be named evil? Good, or bad? A seemingly simple question but one that drags in its wake a multitude of ramifications that are not so simple.

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People are leaving church — because of churches.

People aren’t rejecting Jesus — they are turning away from churches that represent him badly.

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What to Believe?: The Questions of Christian Faith

This book seeks  primarily  to  deal  with  the  questions  which any thinking person  must  raise  about  Christian  faith.

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Are you no longer drawn to the faith of your community?

I am an Anglican, but having accepted the concept of a non-theistic God, I feel uncomfortable attending church with all its outdated forms of worship. To leave the church, however, is to lose my “church family” and the human contact, as well as my part in the church’s ministries, all essential to the expression of God’s love.

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Tribalism was the Actual “Fall” of Mankind: It is High Time for us to Get Up

What has always “tainted” mankind and kept people from living ethical, inclusive, and caring lives? The answer is what drives our contemporary enormous cultural divide:  Bad choices often rooted in tribal-based anger and hatred.

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Why don’t we educate our people to understand our Jewish roots?

Am I the only one out here who makes sure my people understand the Eucharist/Lord’s Supper/Communion service has its roots in the Passover story and that the words Jesus spoke would have been the motzi and the hagafen?

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Ways to Gather

History has proven what Bonhoeffer suspected. Every successive generation in the West is less religious than the previous. Mainline Protestant denominations see membership in a steady decline, such that their numbers will reach zero in 23 years.

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The Role of Religion in Healing the National Divide

Paul learned from his encounter what it means to be a human being. He was shocked and deeply disturbed when he came to understand the limitations and weaknesses of his human nature. His sense of moral superiority was expunged from his consciousness.

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Love Language for progressive church worship

These three words sum up progressive Christian theology. They represent a turning point in the evolution of human understanding of Ultimate Reality.  The Bible starts with Superman-In-The-Sky and ends with agape – unconditional love – as the identity of the Divine.

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Faith After Doubt

Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What to Do About It

Sixty-five million adults in the U.S. have dropped out of active church attendance and about 2.7 million more are leaving every year. “Faith After Doubt” is for the millions of people around the world who feel that their faith is falling apart.

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