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The Way

This morning, I preached at Platte Woods United Methodist Church in Kansas City. They’ve been doing a sermon and education series on Freeing Jesus – and they asked me to come and finish up their study of the book.

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Sermon: “Subversive Living”

Take a few moments and listen to Rev. Dr. Caleb J Lines talk about how the Gospel calls for subversively living.

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But or And?

What brings us closer together around the communion table of divine love? What drives us apart? But or And, Against or Through, For or With?

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Church After: Finding transformation in unexpected change

Change is inevitable. Make it transformational.
Find transformation in unexpected changes, in your life and your congregation

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Spirit: The Seed of the Soul; Some Imaginative Ruminations

If we all have a soul, and that soul contains the image of God or God’s virtues and values, then our individual deaths are not the end of what is most important about us. It is shared by all.

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Sermon Video: Versus vs Verses

July 11, 2021 Sermon by Rev. Mark Sandlin
Presbyterian Church of the Covenant
Greensboro, NC

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Secrets of Our Faith

What the Pastor has been taught, What is preached from the pulpit, And ... why the difference!

Much, if not most, of what is preached on Sunday mornings is different than what is taught in reputable Christian colleges and seminaries. This disconnect is fast becoming the leading factor in the continued decline of Christianity in the United States.

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LOVE is what we are made for!

1 Cor. 13 and Romans 8:37-39

1st  Corinthians chapter 13. Danna recited it from a brand-spanking new translation of the Bible; you may remember, if you are of a certain age, it was called “Good News for Modern Man:”

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Celebrating the Cosmos Liturgy

This presentation is a celebration of the cosmos and its processes. Why? We are living in a time not only of the meltdown of glaciers but also of ideological systems.

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Planting the Future

How Faith Communities Can Get Involved

Religious communities have a rich opportunity to contribute to a global goal of restoring forest ecosystems as part of the current UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

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Celebrating Pride Month with Faith & Reason

Faith & Reason is celebrating by talking to LGBTQ Christians and ministers about their experience in the church, as well as how individuals can help inspire progressive change in their own congregations.

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The Dance of Grace

Sermon by Rev. Mark Sandlin, on June 13, 2021

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The Inner Light

I assure you I am well, content, and thankful to God for this extension of my ministry. Thank you for your interest, comments, correspondence, and contributions. I am grateful to Metropolitan Community Churches for recognizing this blog as an “Emerging Ministry” and for reposting many of my reflections, as well as the dozens of Facebook pages that allowed me to provide links to particular posts.

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People are leaving church — because of churches.

People aren’t rejecting Jesus — they are turning away from churches that represent him badly.

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Jesus the FULLY HUMAN ONE – the Gospel of Mary

While he was dying of cancer, American poet and short story writer Raymond Carver, penned a poem which, although it is but a fragment of a poem, it has the power to move me into the deepest part of my very self. This poem would eventually be titled, “Late Fragment”

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I AM, You ARE, We ARE the Good Shepherd

Psalm 23 and John 10

“The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want” or,“A song for LOVE’s sake: When our LOVE’s the guide by-my-side, I want for nothing.”

The translations of this ancient Hebrew hymn may be separated by centuries, but both the English translators of King James and the American Rabbi Jamie Arnold seek to move us deeply into the inner workings of our being.

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A Communion Liturgy for Pentecost Sunday

Written by John van de Laar © Sacredise Publishing (

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Choose Your Parade: The 8th Point of Progressive Christianity

On Palm Sunday, there were two parades: one representing oppressive Roman Imperial Theology and one representing the compassion and selfless love of the Reign of God. Join Co-Executive Director of Rev. Dr. Caleb J Lines as he talks about the 8th Point of Progressive Christianity in relation to Palm Sunday.

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