God Abundant, God of Wonder

A Christian Hymn against Christian Nationalism

God abundant, God of wonder, God of every living thing,

God of justice and of righteousness, empower us as we sing.

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Jesus and Wealth

Part One

Money, wealth, financial power, economic power, call it what you will, extreme wealth disparity destroys societies from within, eating away at the bond between people and the fabric of society.

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Courage, Holiness and a Love that Conquers Fear of Death

We are considering how Courage, like Joy, is one of the signs of holiness in our time.  In yesterday’s meditation, Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us that we “must love something more than the fear of death” if we are to live. 

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I hate this bloody week … but the brutal truth is, it’s here to stay.

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter

How are we supposed to cope with the despair that sets in when our known world is stolen and an invading, oppressive regime steps in?

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Book Review of Decolonizing Christianity: Becoming Badass Believers

By Miguel de la Torre

Decolonizing Christianity is a hard book to read – but it’s one white Christians should read, especially those of us who claim to be progressive.

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Towards the New Consciousness That Easter Brings

  The Easter experience is about the birth of a new consciousness.  It is a consciousness that burst upon the followers of Jesus through his suffering unto death on the cross.  In many ways, Jesus’ followers, and …

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Whisper and Relevance

When I look at the writers who examine the relation between religion and politics, most take their cues from the Bible. There are two problems with this approach.

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Some Woman Somewhere

Poetry for International Women's Day

As International Women’s Day rolled around, that simmering sense of anger came to the surface. It flowed out, however, not in the murky waters of a pity pool, but in a torrent of stories of women all around the world and the challenges they face on a regular, often daily, basis. I set my own concerns aside and wrote for them, my own difficulties of little consequence in the face of what it is other women do every single day. In the light of their strength, our own can be renewed.

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The scrutiny of Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris has been in office since 2020. Harris struggles to carve out a lane for herself, and she feels the weight of being the first Black and Asian American to be the nation’s V.P. However, with an approval rating no higher than 39 percent from multiple polls, can Harris convince the American public for a second term?

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Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod president calls for excommunicating white nationalists

‘This is evil. We condemn it in the name of Christ,’ writes LCMS President Matthew Harrison.

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On the Contrary: Living in a Divisive World

It is stories like this one that reminds me that a living Jesus — Jesus the optimistic contrarian — still walks among us in many guises; to tell and retell those human tales of how to truly live, with hope for this world.

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It Could Have Been My Daughter!

Gun Violence at Michigan State

I cannot tell you how furious I am with the politicians in our country, in both chambers (mostly Republicans), who stubbornly (thinking only of themselves) refuse to enact significant gun reform legislation. 

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Inhabitants of planet Earth are confronted with the reality that by 2050, or sooner, large parts of the Earth could be uninhabitable.

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Ash Wednesday

What if you knew exactly how you would die — what if everyone in town did?

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Bravery Is Relative

We look happy. And we are. But when a friend called this morning and was like, “great photos of you and Eric this weekend!” and all I could think was, you have no idea what shit-show this week has been for me.

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Short Prayer for Those Grieving

May blessings abound for you where they are not expected.

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What do Eisenhower, King and Jesus have in common?

What Eisenhower and King had in common was a dream of a different kind of America.

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – December 19, 2022

Join Caleb and Mark as they enjoy a themed drink (or two) and bring their high-octane progressive Christian perspectives in consideration of “Avatar: The Way of the Water,” the follow up to the bigger box office hit of all time!

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