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Ashes to Ashes, Dawn to Dawn

For all of you grieving the loss of someone you love — whether this loss occurred last week, last year, or decades ago — I hope you find some comfort in these words, too. I hope you have the courage to tell the truth about your loved one: the good, the bad, and the complex. And that you don’t break faith with the full spectrum of your feeling, from mourning to dancing.

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If there is no hell…

I’m agnostic and if it’s true there is no hell it would be a relief, but this has raised some questions: What about those who have sinned? What happens to those who have broken some of God’s rules or do you not believe in sin either?

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A Tribute to All Healthcare Workers Battling The Covid-19 Pandemic

This is a tribute to all healthcare workers battling the Covid-19 pandemic, sung by members from Canterbury & Coventry Choirs.

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Who Made the Monster?

Thoughts & Dreams on the Nightmare in Atlanta

Is Mr. Long, the monster who brought suffering and sorrow to Atlanta, simply the product of a racist, misogynistic socio-political environment; the victim of mental illness, the prisoner of a defective personal genome he has no control over?

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Resurrection Logic: How Jesus’ First Followers Believed God Raised Him from the Dead

Death does not speak the final word. Resurrection does. Christianity stands or falls with this central confession: God raised Jesus from the dead.

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Understanding Easter

Even as we consider all the facts, the basic story that emerges is quite simple. The disciples were re-born while they lived with Jesus, and his death neither deterred nor discouraged them.  Instead, they turned to one another and embraced, fully aware in their hearts that he was not only still with them, but also that the newness he embodied embraced the universe. This was the bedrock of their faith and forms the foundation for the day we call Easter.

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Transformative Prayer: Mark 1:29-39

It may seem ludicrous for this “progressive preacher” to find herself tempted to pray for a miracle. But the region in which I live has been under a strict stay-at-home order since Boxing Day. So, right about now I sure could use some sort of miracle to occur which would release us all from this COVID enforced lockdown.

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A Slave, a Minister, and a Renegade Doctor

How an unlikely threesome tackled smallpox and changed American history

February 23, 1758 is an infamous date in American history. On that day, 263 years ago, Jonathan Edwards, Puritan minister and new president of Princeton, had his family inoculated against smallpox.

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Questioning Capital Punishment

Questioning Capital Punishment with Sr. Helen Prejean is a five session DVD study featuring one of the world’s leading authorities and outspoken critics of state-sponsored execution.

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Can God perform a miracle such as the bodily resurrection of Jesus?

I have to say that I have more respect for panentheism than classical theism because it at last respects the problem of evil and suffering more than classical theism. However, I want to ask a question: can God (from a panentheistic view) perform a miracle in history such as the bodily resurrection of Jesus? 

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God, Prayer and Healing

Does God have to heal all the people who ask me to pray for them?

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Religion News from Around the World: A Monthly Roundup by Rick Herrick

December 2020

What Jesus Means to Muslims, Faith Leaders Promote Vaccine Use and other articles from RNS in December 2020.

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Perpetual Light

I wish you warmth, attention, comfort, peace…a sense that nothing, and no-one, is too far.

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The Challenge of Listening

What can we as a nation learn from the aftermath of George Floyd’s death?

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Will we “Rest in Peace” after death?

People say “rest in peace” after someone has died. But, do people really get to rest after death?

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A Clean, Safe Place

Inspired by poem of William Blake

And will those feet in modern time,
Walk upon earth’s fair mountains green?

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Power begets Power (the killing of Breonna Taylor)

Power begets power and institutions that are rife with power will increasingly resist change, reform, or moral responsibility. An excellent example of this is the perception that protesting police killings and violence as being inherently “anti-police” just as protesting the Catholic Church’s history of hiding pedophilia as well as the rape and forced abortions common among nuns in their relationships with priests is decried as being “anti-Catholic.”

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Is church essential service?

The church is not now nor has ever been monolithic in its mission, vision, doctrines, and missional intent. As an educator, I wonder if you’re disappointed because the Christian Church has been influenced by Western ideology and Eurocentric beliefs in supremacy and not justice for all of its citizens.

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