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What Really Happened at Pentecost

Many of us are aware that Pentecost ranks among our greatest feasts in the liturgical calendar. Still, few Christians, including clergy, comprehend the in-depth meaning of the events of Acts 2: 1-13.

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The Human Calling: Three Thousand Years of Eastern and Western Philosophical History

The Human Calling is a vigorously researched and profoundly spiritual narrative history of the world’s religious movements as they relate to society’s collective understanding of the duties they have to fellow people and looks ahead to what lessons from history can be applied as people navigate a technological age.

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What does salvation mean in Progressive Christianity?

Q&A WIth Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers

Growing up and attending a southern Baptist church, I was constantly aware of the term salvation. I am now, thankfully, attending a more progressive and open minded church (PCUSA), but still hear this word. I have never been comfortable with this term and would like to know how you see salvation and what it actually means in progressive Christianity.

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Jesus and the Midrashic Method

In his important book, “Liberating the Gospels: Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes”, John Shelby Spong pointed out that the followers of Jesus who wrote about his life were all Jews

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Christ Path Seminar

A previously recorded live event exploring Creation Spirituality and Sacred Activism hosted by Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey. Enjoy over 10-hours of dialogue from Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey and BONUS FOOTAGE from Joanna Macy and Bruce Chilton.

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A Crisis of Faith Question

Q&A with Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox

How can Christians get a firm foundation with scripture that has been influenced by the spirit of political influence by Kings and Popes and transcriptionists who were influenced by governments? A bit of a crisis of faith here. Can there still be a Divine Jesus without true historical knowledge of Him?

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Stations of the Cross – 2022

The practice of contemplating the Stations of the Cross, depicting the final hours of Jesus’ life, is a very old one. Many Catholic churches have gardens or sanctuaries in which the stations are situated.  Each of the 14 stations marks a point along the way to Jesus’ death.

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Good Friday Message: “Why Was Jesus Tortured to Death?” Or, Death to Our Toxic Ideas of Why Jesus Lived and Died

Have you ever wondered what Jesus did to deserve being tortured and crucified to death? How could someone so good be treated so inhumanely?

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Christians Fighting Christians: A Disgraceful Legacy

The Christian Church has a disgraceful legacy of Christians fighting Christians. In the aftermath of the Council of Chalcedon in 451, Christians fought among themselves for two hundred years over the nature of Jesus.

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Applying the Nag Hammadi Scriptures Today

Q&A with Toni Reynolds

What have we learned and can apply today from the Nag Hammadi Scriptures?

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What was the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross?

Q&A with Rev Irene Monroe

If Jesus did not die on a cross to cover our sin, then what was the purpose of him dying? What was the purpose of his life? Was it to show us how to simply be “good people?”

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Time To Get Serious

For some time now, Progressive Christians have distinguished themselves from Fundamentalists and Evangelicals by ignoring gender differences, rejecting Biblical literalism and emphasizing the importance of Jesus’ vision for a “kingdom of God on earth.” But the primitive belief that propitiation can be attained through substitutionary atonement still lives on in most Progressive Churches.

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Fight Like Jesus

How Jesus Waged Peace Throughout Holy Week

Throughout Holy Week, two competing approaches to peacemaking collide. What if we’ve embraced the wrong one? At the start of Holy Week, tears streamed down Jesus’ face as he cried out, “If only you knew the things …

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Celebrate to Celibate

Celibacy was not compulsory until Pope Gregory VII declared such in 1074. However, inside information suggests that this edict was not about sex but inheritances and lots of free labor. Since celibate priests don’t have families, now their inheritances go to the church. Celibacy = money.

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Epiphany: A story of tyranny, fear, and 2 masculinities

Herod, who is a ruler on a throne of power, and Joseph who is a peasant in an unconventional marriage. One man is powerful and one man is not. And yet the text only describes one of these men as being afraid. 

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Jesus and the Sacrificial System

The religious culture in which Jesus lived was the sacrificial culture centred on the temple in Jerusalem. It provided the background to his thinking and that of most other Jews including Paul, and the idea of sacrifice continued to influence the thinking of the first Christians.

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Re-seeing and re-valuing the Christian Cross

The Christian cross, taken as a modern working symbol, can also find a new role, a complementary one to its original deep association with the crucifixion. One that speaks a common language in cross-religious or interfaith contexts.

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Paul, a First Century Feminist

Like Jesus, Paul was a radical egalitarian.  He was also, it turns out, a first century feminist.  In all the churches he helped found and nurture, he insisted on gender equality. 

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