Spirituality for the Anthropocene

Global warming is the latest proof that we have crossed a boundary into a truly apocalyptic age, for we now live in a period when anthropogenic change is overpowering nature and life itself.

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Ask a Progressive Christian – Q: What Do Progressive Christians Believe About Climate Change?

Today’s “Ask a Progressive Christian” with ProgressiveChristianity.org Co-Executive Director Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines: What Do Progressive Christians Believe About Climate Change?

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Dear Mama God

Combining stunning illustrations with simple yet profound prayers, “Dear Mama God” is the perfect children’s book to introduce children (and their adults) to the heart-expanding practice of referring to the divine in feminine form.

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The Generosity of Nature and the Model it Sets for Humanity

This week we celebrate beginning of summer (Wednesday). Let us remember how generous the universe is. For example, the sun. The entire energy of the earth runs on one billionth (!) of the energy the sun emits every day.

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As a Tree That Reaches Up

Cosmic Mystery Series

As a tree that reaches up
To embrace the rays of light

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All the Earth Belongs to God: an environmental justice hymn

This hymn is appropriate for Earth Day and other environmental worship services. Recording and video by Ken Janzen.

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William L. Wallace Collection

Hymns and Other Worship Materials

William (Bill) Livingstone Wallace is a retired New Zealand Methodist Minister and one of our most prolific contributors.

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Courage, Holiness and a Love that Conquers Fear of Death

We are considering how Courage, like Joy, is one of the signs of holiness in our time.  In yesterday’s meditation, Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us that we “must love something more than the fear of death” if we are to live. 

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Things That Matter: Eco-Spirituality

The Intersection of Faith and Climate

Join Guest Michael Dowd with Rev. Dr.  Mark Sandlin, and Rev, Dr. Caleb Lines for this month’s “Things that Matter” discussion

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Inhabitants of planet Earth are confronted with the reality that by 2050, or sooner, large parts of the Earth could be uninhabitable.

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Butts and Bottled Water

Earlier this week, I read that Spain has ruled cigarette manufacturers responsible for the cost of cigarette butt clean-up. I was SOOOOO excited about that; completely over the top!

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The Food Donation Improvement Act

The Food Tank is INCREDIBLY excited to share with you that the Food Donation Improvement Act passed both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and is now heading to President Biden’s desk for final approval! It is a major bipartisan accomplishment.

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Green Christ: Myth, Mystery and Mycelia – Part 1

In this episode ‘Green Christ’ we will explore an ancient archetype of the divine that takes us “out of the mind” so that we can return to the body, deep in the somatic, erotic, and the instinctual polyphonous flesh of the world, a wilder incarnation.

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What Say You?

Here are some recent news items to which I have added a few facts that seem related. Have fun putting it all together, creating your own narrative about what it all might mean, if anything. 

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The Case for EcoSanta

Old Saint Nick is in need of an eco-friendly makeover.

Santa must evolve. He has to become more meaningful, more relevant, more present. Santa’s way of being in the world, as the children’s greatest gift-giver, needs bringing up to speed. What we need is a Santa children will want to emulate, and who can help them learn to serve the Earth as a long-term thank you for the miracle of life.

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Spiritual Evolution

How Traditional Christianity is Holding Us Back

What does a Modern Christianity look like to you? Will you help build it?

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Love is Everything

A Year With Hadewijch of Antwerp

This compilation of the mystical writings of Hadewijch of Antwerp is best described, in Andrew Harvey’s words, as a “heroic song” of love

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Hurricanes, Holocausts, and Other Horrors

Three Theological Responses to Suffering

Revisioning ancient faith for the modern world is not an easy task. No simple answers exist. The process will be long, complicated, conflicted, and uncertain.

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