Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein – A Short Film

Born in 1967, Charles Eisenstein is a father of four, has a degree from Yale in Mathematics and Philosophy, is a public speaker, and is author of The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible (2013), The Ascent of Humanity (2007), Sacred Economics (2011), and The Yoga of Eating (2003).

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“For as long as it takes”: Native American protesters defy North Dakota pipeline construction

  We are protectors, not protesters’: why I’m fighting the North Dakota pipeline   The Dakota Access pipeline threatens to destroy our sacred ground. I am defending the land and water of my people, as my ancestors did …

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Teens are suing the government over climate change

Teens like Kelsey Juliana have been trying to sue the state over climate change for years. Finally, Oregon is hearing their case.

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Native Americans Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline

The fight against the Dakota Access pipeline has brought together a historic gathering of tribes from across North America.

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“If we stop consuming, they will stop producing”

“If we stop consuming, they will stop producing. Only collective awakening can create enough determination for action.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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10 Ways Clothing Choices Can Impact Care for Creation

When people think about being more environmentally responsible, the first topics that come to mind usually involve transportation habits, utilities usage and food consumption. These are all very important. However, there is another area that we often overlook: Clothing. Almost every decision we make about clothing can have an impact on other people as well as on the earth we all share.

In honor of the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, I offer the following. These are all very practical suggestions, but they can also be a gateway to a deeper spiritual exploration. See in these tips a nudge to focus, simplify, contemplate and rest. They can help us tune in better to our relationship with the earth and with our fellow humans.

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The Green Earth Challenge: Integrating Faith & the Environment

The book provides a biblical foundation for honoring the Earth through demonstrating God’s compassion for the earth, that all he made was good. It reveals the beauty of many of the countries in which she has traveled as well as environmental crisis plaguing some of these countries. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of the environment such as the flora, the fauna, clean air, the lack of clean water, and the global warming energy crisis as well as the consequences when there is failure to heed scientific warnings of future peril.

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Do the Math: The Movie – International Trailer

The Do the Math Movie is being screened at house-parties and screenings around the world. The movie tells the story of the rising movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis and fight the fossil fuel industry.

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Trump ripped the scab off our country’s racism.

Let's get to work at eradicating the infection

Every thinking American knows that Donald Trump has ripped the scab off a very infected wound. We all know that America still suffers from the infection that is racism. But most people figured as long as we didn’t talk about it, we could avoid dealing with it. There were many who remained willfully ignorant.

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Wild Honey sings “Szerelem” featuring: Peia, Megan Danforth and Cyrise Schachter

This hauntingly beautiful Hungarian folk song has enchanted many a musician. Across the world you can hear it sung in wildly different styles, always adapted for the region of the singer. Here is beautiful 3 part harmony version, sung in the traditional Hungarian style by my women’s trio Wild Honey.

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In the Rewrite, Lawrence explains why a protest by Native Americans in North Dakota reminds us of the history America always tries to forget.

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Does Your Faith Ignite Your Imagination?

I ask, does my faith IGNITE my imagination? Has my own faith lit my imagination on fire to take actions that are just as radical, just as passionate and just as committed to life as someone may be to death and destruction?

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On Top of the World With Friends

Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lot of love- Wild-hearted globe-trotter Dustin Thomas is making waves from America to Australia with his infectious blend of beat-box/soul-folk. Armed with his voice, a guitar, and universal anthems of …

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Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist

Bestselling author and environmental activist Bill McKibben recounts the personal and global story of the fight to build and preserve a sustainable planet.

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‘We are protectors, not protesters’: why I’m fighting the North Dakota pipeline

Iyuskin American Horse in Canon Ball, North Dakota

This week, I have witnessed pipeline construction tear its way toward the waters of the Missouri river which flow into the Mississippi, threatening to pollute the aquifer that carries drinking water to 10 million people. I have seen where their machines clawed through the earth that once held my relatives’ villages. I have watched law enforcement officials protect the oil industry by dragging away my indigenous brothers and sisters who stood up for our people.

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Unity Statement Against The Trans-Pacific Partnership


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is opposed by a great majority of voters, members of Congress, environmental groups, trade unions, consumer groups, human rights advocates, and more. We ask that you not subvert the will of the people. We ask that you stand in solidarity with the proposed Hightower Amendment to the Democratic Party Platform that we will unite to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership if it comes up for a vote in the lame duck session of Congress or beyond.

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What is the world? Who are we? What are we going to do about it?

What are the big questions that religion answers?

I know what you are thinking, this being St. Andrew’s, and St. Andrew’s being a good liberal Protestant church: “Bob, it’s not about answers but about living the questions.”

We can say that, yet we do need answers. Questions are fine in church, but we live day-to-day by answers, no matter how tentative and incomplete they may have to be. Whether or not there are any definitive ones to be found, we’re all hunting for answers.

One traditional formulation of the questions that various religions seek to answer is: Where did we come from? What happens to us when we die? How are we to live?

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Autumn Skye – Sacred Art Paintings

As in any art form, as we release judgment, silence our mind, breathe deep into the process, and find bliss in each step; we realize that we are boundlessly assisted in our authentic and heart-centered expression. We step out of the way. We realize that the Art is not born of us, but through us, and in this understanding we are humbled, yet profoundly empowered. Each creation is an offering: a positive reflection of ourselves and humanity, a celebration of evolving consciousness, an opportunity for healing and deepening, a vision of a bright future and Now.

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