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A Second Chance

In this story, Jesus comes to New York City and chooses a gay man to be his messenger. The two proceed to establish a movement to redefine the Christian faith. The characters are warm and zany. Their escapades will make you laugh and challenge you to think.

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Book Review: “White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America

In the violent dusk of the Trump presidency, a staggering reversion in American demographics took place, or rather was revealed: white Mainline Christians, for the first time in decades, outnumbered evangelicals in a recent survey.

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Willing to Be Wrong: Rachel Held Evans

It ends with this sentence:  “Even on the days when I’m not sure I can believe it wholeheartedly, this is the story I’m willing to be wrong about.” And that humility suffuses the whole book. 

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