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Man With an Attitude: A Handbook of Life Challenges from the Jesus Story: A Personal Growth and Parenting Guide

This book provides the opportunity to consider and examine one’s life choices by becoming familiar with the attitudes of a famous leader. Any accomplished and admired leader could have been chosen, but the author chose the first century man Jesus, using the work of contemporary historians and scholars.

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Power begets Power (the killing of Breonna Taylor)

Power begets power and institutions that are rife with power will increasingly resist change, reform, or moral responsibility. An excellent example of this is the perception that protesting police killings and violence as being inherently “anti-police” just as protesting the Catholic Church’s history of hiding pedophilia as well as the rape and forced abortions common among nuns in their relationships with priests is decried as being “anti-Catholic.”

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Is there a God? If there is, how can I worship authentically?

To step away from a dogma or faith tradition that does not resonate with you is one of the bravest and most important things you can do.

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The Spiritual Consciousness of Government

Did you know that human DNA responds healthfully when we enjoy altruistic pleasure (helping others); but our DNA’s expression’s health degrades when involved in selfish hedonistic pleasure?

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Jesus Evolved Into Everything He Became

Who was Jesus?  This simple question continues to fascinate both Christians and non-Christians.  Beyond being an utterly remarkable human being, the pre-Easter Jesus (the historical Jesus) was a spirit person and mystic, a healer, a sage and teacher of wisdom, a social-justice prophet, and a movement initiator.

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The Subversion of Jesus by the Rich and Powerful: Part Four, Finale

We don’t know how it happened. A small band that practiced justice and equality for all became an institution that demanded slaves obey their owners, women obey their husbands, and everyone obey the wealthy elite.

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Contemplating the Cross

A spiritual practice for a crucial era

In churches, I often find myself contemplating the cross.  It is a kind of “visio divina” – another way of climbing Guigo’s ladder, through seeing.  It becomes the means of focus, and the focus itself, of worship.  It centers and guides me toward the life-giving Love that is God….

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Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti Of The Holy Father Francis

On Fraternity and Social Friendship

Fraternity and social friendship are the ways the Pontiff indicates to build a better, more just and peaceful world, with the contribution of all: people and institutions. With an emphatic confirmation of a ‘no’ to war and to globalized indifference.

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The Church and The Bible

I have done considerable reading and spent a lot of time reflecting on my own faith journey in my retirement. Much of the church’s theology no longer has meaning for me, but my faith in Jesus’ call to “Follow me,” is my inspiration and draws me to love the world and its people.

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Thomas Aquinas’ belief in the existence of God

As a scholar of Thomas Aquinas can you help me understand his teleological argument for his belief in the existence of God? 

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In Search of a Better American Myth

A civilization’s shared myths account for why things are the way they are. They can bolster loyalty to a religion or a nation, and they can excuse class and race privilege.

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Faith and Probability

Faith is typically based on “belief” and science is based on objective research and analysis. In this address, written for the Malvern (United Kingdom) Science and Faith conference, Dr. Ray discusses the concept of “evidence based faith,” attempting to rank our beliefs based on Bayes’ Theorem of probability analysis.

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What does it mean “to walk the way of Jesus”?

Jesus asked a lot of questions. Ask questions like, was Jesus a Christian?  If you read through the Bible thoroughly and the Gospels a few times, what do you notice really mattered to Jesus? How did he live his life? What was his view of money? His relationship to power and privilege?

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Fault Lines: Hypocrisy as Tragedy

From the Greek word, hypocritis, the hypocrite is a ‘play actor.’ While misfortune is befalling us on a massive scale these days, true tragedy is the result of the hypocrite who has the choice to decide to act otherwise.

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The Gospel of Science

Mind-blowing New Science on Ancient Truths to Heal Our Stress, Lives, and Planet

You may have read claims before that a book can change your life and the world. However in the opening pages of The Gospel of Science you will read comments from top experts in the fields of; Mind-Body and Personal Growth, Physics, Sociology, Economics, Government, and Theology, who after enjoying the hundreds of pages of exciting cutting edge research methodically and poetically cited in this unique book, came to the enthusiastic conclusion, that indeed–The Gospel of Science delivers on this promise.

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The River of Life

I wonder when I stopped looking to the rivers, or to the sky, or the oceans, or the mountains and all the creatures who live upon the Earth so that I might find the answers to my questions. I can’t quite pinpoint the moment when I stopped fishing for answers in Creation and began fishing in libraries.

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Review of the Book: The Liberating Birth of Jesus: A Birth Story Able to Reverse Our Planet’s Perils

The Liberating Birth of Jesus by Lee Van Ham is a groundbreaking book for me. My passion for the last fifty years has been the study of the New Testament. According to Van Ham, I have gone about this study in the wrong way. This revelation both hurts; and yet, in a more important sense, is immensely helpful.

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Commentary on a Parable about Forgiveness that Is Unforgiving, Matthew 18.21-35

I used to think that the addition of ‘another member of the church’ was a cop-out, and that we really should forgive everyone without counting. Yet in another place Jesus specifically tells his disciples to kick the dirt off their feet as protest to those who will not accept them. This doesn’t sound like forgiveness.

Was he contradicting himself? Some would say ‘yes.’ I have even done so myself. But my own cultural circumstances in 2020 have made me revisit this and come out with a different conclusion.

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