How to Make Love (The Agape Kind) With Jesus

This book will help you examine your beliefs–where they came from, whether they are still applicable today, how they have changed over the years–and decide what new directions you might want to pursue.

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Dancing in the Darkness

Spiritual Lessons for Thriving in Turbulent Times

Moss takes the words from our ancient Scriptures and prophetically applies them to our most urgent moral battles and choices; in ways that makes the Bible come alive again.

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Fierce Love

A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World

We are living in a world divided. Race and ethnicity, caste and color, gender and sexuality, class and education, religion and political party have all become demographic labels that reduce our differences to simplistic categories in which “we” are vehemently against “them.”

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An Interview with James Finley

“God does not exist,” says James Finley, the renowned Catholic mystic who has dedicated most of his existence to studying, writing and talking about God. Wait…what? Oh, there’s more.

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The 5 Elephantine Principles of Life

Foundational ideas/ principles for understanding the universe and ourselves

I want to share some reflections on process thought, known as process theology when applied to God and religion.

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Some Medical / Pastoral Advice On Making Difficult Hospital Visits

I am writing this because I have an uncommon employment history that has provided me with a very unique skill-set and perspective when it comes to making difficult and challenging hospital, hospice or nursing facility visits.

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Three Possible Paths for People Who Lose Traditional Faith

Stories of clergy losing faith don’t just exist in the realm of fiction. They also exist in real life. I know because I talk to such clergy all the time. Many have retired. Some have found new careers. Others remain in ministry, struggling to navigate strained faith with Christian vocation.

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Short Prayer for Those Grieving

May blessings abound for you where they are not expected.

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Spiritual Evolution

How Traditional Christianity is Holding Us Back

What does a Modern Christianity look like to you? Will you help build it?

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Jesus Learns to Glow

This illustrated children’s book is for all those who love creatures that glow, with multiple ones encountered along the journey. Inclusive for both religious and nonreligious audiences, readers will be reinspired to let your light shine!

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Things That Matter: Eco-Spirituality – Part 2

The intersection of faith and climate change

Climate change is likely the most pressing issue of our time and religion is not silent on the issue! Join scholars Matthew Fox and Thomas G. Hermans-Webster for this month’s “Things that Matter” discussion on eco-spirituality

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Re-imagining God: An Unending Process

Since the birth of self-consciousness (some 250,000 years ago), human beings have been part of an ongoing process of imagining and creating new conceptions of God.  In a very real sense, it is natural to our human situation. 

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Christianity Without Dogma

A Personalized Way to Deconstruct Christian Beliefs and Practices

Do you long for a healthy and abundant spiritual life, yet feel disillusioned by how Christianity has become about politics, money, and control?

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What to Believe?: The Questions of Christian Faith

This book seeks  primarily  to  deal  with  the  questions  which any thinking person  must  raise  about  Christian  faith.

The faith of Christians,  all too often, is approached  on the basis of “Here it is, take it or leave it.” Frequently, it seems that the mind of the church has been eternally established,  that Chris­tians have all the answers and thus need face no more questions.

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Hymn for the Hurting

Amanda Gorman's Poem

Maybe everything hurts,
Our hearts shadowed & strange.

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How Progressive Christianity Helped Lead Me to be an Unlikely YouTuber

I first became aware of how to post on the popular platform almost by accident.  I had approached Progressive Christianity, a website which has published my poetry and other writings

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Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Q&A with Rev. Deshna Shine

There are also many scientific studies that show words have energy and can affect living beings being spoken to. Plants exposed to kind words grow more and are healthier than ones who experience silence or negative words.

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#Moonshine Jesus Show

Live streaming Mondays at 4:30 p.m. EST

The podcast will be hosted by our Co-Executive Directors Mark Sandlin and Caleb Lines.  The Moonshine Jesus Show brings Progressive Christian perspectives on pop culture, theology, and politics while having a lot of fun.  We hope that this will be an entertaining, yet meaningful way to deepen your Progressive Christian journey!

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