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Faith on the Ballot

Weekly Sermon Series

Many believe this upcoming election is the most important one in our lifetimes, one of the key crossroads in American history. And we believe that racism is and must be named as a core religious issue in this electoral season—which for us is a confessional season about affirming the image of God in each and every one of us; which is at stake in our election choices.

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The Politics of Food

Politics and profit have tremendous influence over which foods we eat, especially the poor because almost all government agricultural subsidies go to beef, dairy, and grain production and less than 1% supports growing green vegetables and fruits.

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Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope is a film born from a quest to discover a regenerative culture. It is an invitation to discover a new way of life. A way of life measured by the rhythms of nature, the depth of human connection, the vast horizon of human potential. It’s the way of life in ecovillages.

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Four ways to make your house of worship eco-friendly

By United Nations Environment Programme

Around the world, there are an estimated 37 million churches, 4 million mosques, 20,000 synagogues and hundreds of millions of temples. Experts say many of these houses of faith could become models of sustainability by practicing eco-friendly worship, embracing green buildings, and offering environmentally-friendly sermons.

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Radical Gifts

Living the Full Christian Life in Troubled Times

We are living in the midst of a turning point in the history of Christianity that is more radical than the Reformation period, perhaps as radical as the birth of Christianity itself. This emerging form of Christianity is so new that it does not seem to be Christianity at all to many people.

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The Grace of Enough

Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture

Do you ever feel caught in an endless cycle of working harder and longer to get more while enjoying life less? The Stewart family did—and they decided to make a radical change. Popular Catholic blogger and podcaster Haley Stewart explains how a year-long internship on a sustainable farm changed her family’s life for the better, allowing them to live gospel values more intentionally.

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50th Earth Day Observance with Global Religious and Indigenous Leaders

Enjoy a special conversation with Mirele Goldsmith (Jewish Earth Alliance), Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim (Mbororo environmental activist), Lyla June (Diné environmental scientist, doctoral student, educator, economist, community organizer, and musician), Hellen Mugo (Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa), Gopal Patel (Bhumi Project), and Lauren Van Ham (United Religions Initiative) moderated by Parliament Climate Director, Joshua Basofin.

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Understanding the Effects of Injustice, the Intersectionality of Poverty, and the Importance of our Moral Narrative

The critical first step in harnessing the power of intersectionality is to convince activists of all stripes it’s in their best interest to move forward together. When this happens on a grand scale, the synergy possible will be extraordinary.

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For Earth Day: The man who planted 7,500 trees

Meet Charlie Starbuck, a volunteer in San Francisco, locally revered for the thousands of street trees he’s planted. In this free Humankind episode, we also hear from the organization Charlie works with, Friends of the Urban Forest, as well as the city’s official Urban Forester, an employee at the Department of Public Works.

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Support Progressive Christian Curriculum!

Will you join us in making a difference for children all over the world? Today, children are seriously undernourished when it comes to spirituality. They are often either taught dogma in Sunday School or secularism at home …

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Climate Apocalypse: Birthing a New Humanity

What do climate change, the novel coronavirus, and the Earth’s population explosion all have in common? They comprise a Biblically-sized Armageddon calling for an equal Biblically-sized rebirth of sacred consciousness, this time from the deep feminine.

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The American Fortress: A Christian Opportunity

One of the lessons I remember from my study of U.S. history in high school is that the United States is protected by two oceans on our east and west coasts. Europe’s problems could not negatively impact our nation because we were separated by 3,000 miles of ocean. Our northern and southern borders are secure because we have friendly neighbors.

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20 Heroines Revolutionizing Food Activism to Improve the Planet

It’s no secret that women all over the world play an important role in food systems—in cultivating gardens for school canteens in Cote d’Ivoire, producing more than half of the food supply for rural areas in South America, establishing seed banks in India, and developing agricultural technologies in Silicon Valley.

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A neurotic/psychotic thinking imperfection we brought with us into this New Age

Scientists are now warning us that irreparable damage is being done to our planet. Continuing human existence is in question. Yet most of us go about our daily lives with no sense of fear for the future.

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Mystical Activism

In Mystical Activism, we each hold the power to change the world right where we are. To call these “end times” is not hyperbole.

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Help from the Other Side

Mystical Neuropsychology

Throughout history, humans have believed that deceased loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and other helpful spiritual beings operate in our lives and are genuinely interested in our welfare. Notwithstanding the advent of scientific materialism, such beliefs are also alive and well today.

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Apocalytic Visions

The words apocalypse and eschaton have been resurrected from the dustbin of theological jargon, and they both refer to what happens at the end of time. More specifically, they point to the end of life as we know it, and today that prophecy comes in two forms.

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Hope in the low places

In an article I posted to Facebook shortly after reading, that tells us the oceans are heating up at a rate equal to five Hiroshima bombs being dropped into them every second. No. I did not want to learn that this week, but I did.

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