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Coming Out, Coming Home: Love & Stardust

Sermon delivered June 17, 2018 by Rev. Elizabeth Durant

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The Sacred Myth of the Gospel

I’ve been introducing scripture passages this way from the pulpit for decades.  At first I was a bit nervous about speaking my mind in such an unambiguous fashion.  But when I discovered that hardly any parishioners blinked, I lost my trepidation. 

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Overwhelmed or Just a Short Attention Span?

Noam Chomsky has warned us that our present moment is threatened by twin challenges that could end human life entirely: global climate collapse and nuclear war. Progressives can add to those nightmare scenarios, concerns about refugees, undocumented children in cages, addiction, gun violence, income disparity, a broken justice system and a corrupt government, etc., etc.

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Resurrection Sunday: Everything Rises

April 21, 2019 – “Resurrection Sunday: Everything Rises”

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TeenText High School Luke Study: Charlie Brown Christmas

This four week ADVENT curriculum breaks the TeenText mold just slightly. We’ve moved away from the lectionary selections that are a part of our regular curriculum to focus on the birth narrative from Luke’s gospel.

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The Common Sense Gospel

For thousands of years fanatical religious leaders have been trying to make people accept complicated and irrational systems of belief. Each group has different requirements and rituals. Each group claims their demands come straight from the mouth of their god. Each group uses threats and rewards to ensure obedience.

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