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#Moonshine Jesus Show

Join Caleb and Mark as they enjoy a themed drink (or two) and bring their progressive Christian perspectives in considering the the MCU’s latest hit movie, “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.” It’s a pretty good bet that they’ll be geeking out hard about this one and bringing some perspectives to it that you may not have considered.

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Jesus and the Midrashic Method

In his important book, “Liberating the Gospels: Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes”, John Shelby Spong pointed out that the followers of Jesus who wrote about his life were all Jews

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What does it mean when people say that God is within me?

Q&A with Rev. Mark Sandlin

I was brought up to understand that we meet God in church. What is it supposed to mean when people say that God is within me? I don’t think I’ve found that to be true.

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When It Comes to Resurrection, We Look For What We Have Been Conditioned to See!

John 20:19-31

Resurrection is not about the physical resuscitation of a corpse. Resurrection is about the wisdom and the courage to proclaim with our lives that Jesus’ vision of the Reign of LOVE continues to rise in us.

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A Crisis of Faith Question

Q&A with Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox

How can Christians get a firm foundation with scripture that has been influenced by the spirit of political influence by Kings and Popes and transcriptionists who were influenced by governments? A bit of a crisis of faith here. Can there still be a Divine Jesus without true historical knowledge of Him?

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Stations of the Cross – 2022

The practice of contemplating the Stations of the Cross, depicting the final hours of Jesus’ life, is a very old one. Many Catholic churches have gardens or sanctuaries in which the stations are situated.  Each of the 14 stations marks a point along the way to Jesus’ death.

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Good Friday Message: “Why Was Jesus Tortured to Death?” Or, Death to Our Toxic Ideas of Why Jesus Lived and Died

Have you ever wondered what Jesus did to deserve being tortured and crucified to death? How could someone so good be treated so inhumanely?

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What *did* Jesus do and say?

Q&A With Dr. Carl Krieg

Accepting that the Gospel accounts of events in Jesus and the disciples’ lives are nonhistorical creations intended to reach Jews in a traditional Jewish liturgical framework,  what *did* Jesus do and say that made the God’s presence in human life so clear to his followers?

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A Long Journey

As I reflect on my journey with Jesus, My commitment to follow him has grown, but one particular teaching impressed upon me in my youth and perpetuated by the church ever since has restricted me.  I have come to the conviction that teaching that “the Bible is the Word of God and truthful in all its writings” has served as a roadblock to prevent the church from becoming the culture changing force which Jesus imagined.   

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Freedom, Responsibility and the Moral Imperative

Even 150 years ago, it would appear the question of how much freedom was too much freedom was a debate with which our forebears had to wrestle. Their assertions were based on their divergent understandings of what the notion of freedom accorded them under our national constitution.

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What was the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross?

Q&A with Rev Irene Monroe

If Jesus did not die on a cross to cover our sin, then what was the purpose of him dying? What was the purpose of his life? Was it to show us how to simply be “good people?”

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Willing to Be Wrong: Rachel Held Evans

It ends with this sentence:  “Even on the days when I’m not sure I can believe it wholeheartedly, this is the story I’m willing to be wrong about.” And that humility suffuses the whole book. 

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It’s the Money, Honey

It was the rich and powerful who had Jesus killed. His brand of socialism was not good for business or politics. To their chagrin, his death did not end the movement he had begun. In fact, it spread.

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The Way

This morning, I preached at Platte Woods United Methodist Church in Kansas City. They’ve been doing a sermon and education series on Freeing Jesus – and they asked me to come and finish up their study of the book.

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It’s (Past) Time to Raze Hell

Some orthodox believers argue that the flames of hell should not be taken literally since hell is also described as a place of utter darkness. The point is, they argue, hell is a bad place, a place where God is not to be found, and a place where there is no hope. Literal flames or not, the traditional doctrine of eternal punishment should be an unacceptable belief for followers of the one who ate with sinners, blessed little children, and forgave his executioners.

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Christian Mindfulness

It’s a tough task to be spiritually mindful in the midst of the chaos in a world where most of our moments have been seized by a mindless environment. A framework is needed to accomplish purposeful mindfulness throughout the day while attending to our necessary obligations, ideally leading to mental, physical, spiritual health.

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Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World

We are in a time of transition, the midst of a cultural shift—what some have called “The Great Turning.”

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The search for Hope, Trust and Contentment for the Nones, Dones And Discouraged

Are you curious why the church is “way out of tune” with today’s times?
…how a 21st century None, Done or Discouraged might be attracted to a 21st century understanding of church and Jesus??

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