Walking with the Spiritual But Not Religious

Walking with the Spiritual but Not Religious takes a fresh look at being a spiritual companion for those who self-identify as something other than religious—SBNR, Nones, not religious, agnostics, atheists, people who have experienced something unexplainable, and those who have encountered the paranormal (religious or otherwise).

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Discovering Fire: Spiritual Practices That Transform Lives

Is it “Christianity meets Burning Man,” “Richard Rohr meets Russell Brand,” or “Communion Wafers meet Psychedelic Spirituality”? Yes! This and more.

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Spiritual Constipation

Discover Your True Nature & Get Shift Moving

Spiritual Constipation is a breath of fresh air in an often-musty genre.

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Crystal Singing Bowls

The Angelic Sound of Healing, Relaxation and Spiritual Awakening

This book is not only a thorough and practical instruction manual to get started with crystal
singing bowls, it offers inspiring stories and guidance from Ashana’s twenty-plus years of
playing, teaching, and healing through crystalline sound.

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Advent: Silently Embodying the Dark While We Wait

Advent holds such a sacred space – the story and formation of the womb is tucked into our souls. Advent is most often thought of as an individual journey, even though we may celebrate together.

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Lessons on Care: History, Ancestry and Environment

with Alexis Pauline Gumbs

It is our hope that our time together nourished your spirits and inspired your work as the change agents, healers and light workers that you are.

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Mystic Christ Podcast

Mythic Christ Podcast offers an online community for exploring mythic structures of story, archetype, dream, and the deep imaginal realm within religious traditions to explore a growing collective longing to rewild our divine images in order to support the reawakening of the mystic perennial wisdom of Earth and soul.

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Divine Sparks

Interfaith Wisdom for a Postmodern World

Divine Sparks presents practical and inspiring wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions for men and women of all faiths—or none.

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A Joyful Path, Children’s Curriculum Year Two – DVD Version

Are you searching for a way to connect children with an authentic spiritual experience that is inter-spiritual, creative and multi-layered?  “A Joyful Path” is truly progressive Christian curriculum that is inclusive, joy-full, compassionate, and intelligent.

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Studia Divina

“Never in any case whatever is a genuine effort of the attention wasted. It always has its effect on the spiritual plane and in consequence on the lower one of the intelligence, for all spiritual light lightens the mind.” 

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Practical Faith & Active Love

Meditations on the Epistle of James

The Epistle of James is the most practical book of the Bible. Every word in the epistle is directly relevant to contemporary living, offering lessons about life drawn from life—topics such as riches and poverty, speech and anger, faith and works, patience and hope.

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Some Practices to Prepare for Facing Evil

We continue our meditations on Evil and Hatred.  To go deeper, to face these realities, we must become stronger.  How do we do that?

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Why Meditate? A Review of Mindful Christianity by Jim Burklo

Burklo’s book refocuses Christianity away from doctrine and belief to knowing God through mindful practice and the compassionate action that follows from an enlarged perspective.

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Zen and the Art of Coaching Basketball

A Review

This is an important book because it provides clear evidence that spiritual practices work. Imagine if the members of Congress meditated before the start of each session.

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Practicing Mental Illness

Meditation, Movement and Meaningful Work to Manage Challenging Moods

Practicing Mental Illness is a guide to using meditation, movement and meaningful work to help manage affective disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Not a typical book on mindfulness, it acknowledges where mindfulness practices as taught today can be helpful, and where methods and teachings in popular mindfulness can be very damaging to people with mental illness.

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Stations of the Cross – 2022

The practice of contemplating the Stations of the Cross, depicting the final hours of Jesus’ life, is a very old one. Many Catholic churches have gardens or sanctuaries in which the stations are situated.  Each of the 14 stations marks a point along the way to Jesus’ death.

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Loving Who You Are Becoming

Do you love who you are becoming?  Are you enjoying the giddy delight of tumbling down the flume?  Because in your delight in becoming, the Knower within you will transform your relationship to time, and usher you into the eternal now – the kin-dom of heaven on earth – where there is nothing to grasp, and everything to love…

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Family, Faith and Therapy

I teach meditation as an adjunct therapy for mood disorders, and I get a surprising amount of pushback from a sizeable group of people. Many of these people have a strong faith in God and are skeptical of therapies that we in mental health see as only helpful.

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