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In This Life

Though most western religious traditions seem to promise some kind of afterlife, what if, as Martin Hägglund articulately argued, our limited mortal life is all there is? Our days, being limited in number, become more valuable, and our work becomes more meaningful. Without eternity, preserving the earth becomes more imperative. Though many spiritual teachers give assurances they cannot support with evidence, this sermon deals with morality in a matter-of-fact manner.

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Can a Person Be an Atheist and Still Believe In God?

Theism, or supernatural theism (for the most part, they bear the same meaning) is a monotheistic conception of God that has been with us since the idea of monotheism first began to emerge in our Judeo-Christian story–after the Exodus (1,200 Before the Common Era), down through the time of the Babylonian Exile (587-538 BCE).

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Don’t Forget the Mystery of Our Faith – an Epiphany sermon

A sermon preached on the Second Sunday after Christmas – the readings for this sermon include: John 1:1-9, The Gospel of Thomas 70; Matthew 2:1-12.

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Mystical Activism

Transforming a World In Crisis

In Mystical Activism, we each hold the power to change the world right where we are. To call these “end times” is not hyperbole. We are in trouble and the signs are everywhere: extreme political divisions; xenophobic violence; enormous wealth inequity; poverty and homelessness; racism, sexism, and ageism; arms buildups and unending wars; and, most critical of all, terrifying climate disruption associated with man-made global warming.

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Reflections on God

Laying To Rest the God of Supernatural Theism

In support of progressive Christianity, it is important, in the church and in our Christian faith, that we present the Bible, God, and Jesus in ways that are believable.

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How I Pray to God

My friend, Aria Nostic (self-proclaimed agnostic, if not atheistic) asked me how I pray to God, if God is not a personal god. “We know there is no supernatural god in heaven intervening in nature and human affairs.”

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Prayer and feeling God’s mercy.

Although I’m now trying to be a Christian, I would like to be able to do something to bring myself closer to our Lord, other than sitting still while trying to keep invasive thoughts from disturbing my prayer session.

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What exactly is meant by the word ‘spiritual’?

What exactly is meant by the word ‘spiritual’? If it only refers to ghosts, angels, (theistic) gods, demons and such then it’s clearly just a metaphor for the unexplainable aspects of life.

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Honest To Goodness

An Ethical and Spiritual Odyssey

  Honest to Goodness proposes a new Christian presence that is free of dogmatism, exclusivism, and biblicism. It charts a way back to the spiritual and ethical revolution begun by Jesus of Nazareth, one that can make …

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Book Review: Signs of Life: Resurrecting Hope out of Ordinary Losses

By Dr. Jamieson Spencer

This book is a wonderful account by a sensitive woman of deep belief and spiritual devotion, coming of age in early 21st century America. She makes her goal clear; “to engage scripture in a meaningful way, not through elaborate word studies, original text comparisons or mind-bending exegesis, but through story.”

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Signs of Life: Resurrecting Hope out of Ordinary Losses

So does the God of the resurrection have anything to say to our hurts? Was Christ’s resurrection a once-and-done thing, or is there hope for healing and restoration now?

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A film about purpose in life, seen through the eyes of a Buddhist monk who was ordained at just 22 years of age, and his son now 22 and living at home as he searches for his own aspirations. The apple may appear far from the tree but it seems, when it comes to searching for purpose, we are all the same.

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Living “as if” – some thoughts on faith and failure

Wise and successful people tell us we learn through making mistakes and trying again. Entrepreneurs, musicians, social workers, philanthropists, artists all gave it a go and, after years of trial and error and disasters, with lots of luck, they succeeded.

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God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

  God of Love is Mirabai Starr’s passionate and personal exploration of the interconnected wisdom of the three Abrahamic faiths. She shares an overview of essential teachings, stories of saints and spiritual masters, prophetic calls for peace …

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Towards a New Conception of God

Since the dawning of creation, God continues to be the great conundrum, the great mystery, the great unknown, the great challenge of human existence.  This God is not only the God of Christianity, but also the God of Judaism and Islam and other world religions who call on God’s name.

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Theses Toward a Theory of Generative Death Anxiety: Thesis #14

Thesis #14 – There is power in numbers for sustaining the transcending plausibility and viability of any particular dominant cultural narrative. The more you rub shoulders only with people who believe the same cultural narrative you do, the more plausible that narrative becomes.

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Life is a shipwreck, remember to sing in the lifeboats

To say that something “only” has a placebo effect does not have to be seen as a criticism. In fact, the placebo effect is proof that we can heal ourselves. But just as our minds can help us to be healthy, even to control pain, our minds can similarly make us sick, even to hasten our death.

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Advent and Holiday E-Courses

A collection of holiday opportunities for spiritual retreat.

Looking for a spiritual retreat to tide you over in quiet contemplation during the holy days leading up to Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany? Here are many choices — some Christian and inclusive, others multifaith — from which you can find a perfect match for your needs.

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