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I am still uneasy about this election no matter what the polls say

Politics Done Right on KPFT

Today we talk about Trump’s misogyny. We will talk about how the Trump campaign is attempting to use the mainstream media to change the conversation from Trump’s misogyny to a faux Clinton problem with women. We will touch on Howard Dean’s tweet raising the question of Trumps substance use.

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An official request to have my name removed from every official list of United Church of Canada clergy

I am sure you know that the United Church of Canada has subjected one of its ministers,
Gretta Vosper to a hearing where she was thoroughly interrogated over what up until now has
been the basis for ‘essential agreement’. Not anymore! She is now in the process of being
defrocked which means the UCC has now become a signing creedal church, with no
expectation of growth since ordination vows. It also means from henceforth any ordained
minister can be hauled before a similar court on the basic of one complaint, NOT EVEN
from within the congregation, about what that minister said.

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Swimming upstream for black votes

Black votes matter!

So, too, the black lives many politicians pander to in order to get them. However, exploiting cultural markers- like Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump did by reading a scripted text in a black church or like Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary R. Clinton did by giving a shout-out on an a.m. urban radio show stating she, too, always carries hot sauce around with her- not only infuriates most African Americans, it also insults the political intelligence obviously both politicians think we don’t have.

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Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians Are Democrats

Feed the poor–or give tax breaks to the super rich?
Comfort the old and infirm–or cut Social Security?
Make war–or make peace?

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Did you vote for Donald Trump? Because your salvation apparently depends on it.

A few weeks back, right-wing Christian activist, David Barton, made the following statement in hopes of getting Christians to cast their vote for the GOP’s potentially fascist and definitely anti-Christ candidate, Donald Trump: We will stand before …

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