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Book Review of: Maturing in the Religious Life

Covering a significant range of insights, including those of Anna Freud, Margaret Mahler, Donald Winnicott, Eric Erikson and Carl Jung, Brother Noel links psychotherapy with the notion that sexuality and spirituality spring from the same source

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Maturing in the religious life

The image of the heart and the heart's desire

Maturing in the Religious Life is a book which takes us into a new world of psychoanalytic study and group analysis and the search for a living God. Spirituality and sexuality appear in a unity of life with philosophical and psychological amplification.

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“Anti-Choice is Anti-Christian”

Join Rev. Mark Sandlin, Presbyterian Church of the Covenant for his June 26, 2022 sermon on Abortion Rights.

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Reproductive Rights Sunday

Join Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines for the highlights from his Sunday service on Reproductive Rights on June 26th, 2022!

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Things That Matter: Part 1 – The Spirituality of Reproductive Freedom

Part 1 looks at “The Spirituality of Reproductive Freedom” with special guests The Rev Dr. Jacqui Lewis and Dr. Sharon Jacob!

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – June 27, 2022

Join Mark and Caleb as they enjoy a themed drink (or two) and bring their high-octane progressive Christian perspectives as they look at season 3 (New Horizons) of Hulu’s “The Orville.”

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True Freedom

Many people are confused, angry, and worried about the future — while others feel their longest hoped-for political dreams have become reality. The air is full of tension, even on these sunny summer days, and it seems as if the nation has somehow cracked open.

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Evil and the Deadly Sins of the (once) Supreme Court

The very tone of Alito’s document, as one historian has pointed out, is ugly to the core.  There is no attempt to reach out to others or make common ground or even to put out feelings that are positive. 

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The Demons of Empire

Today’s text — commonly referred to as “the Gerasene Demoniac” — is from the Gospel of Luke. The miracle story of the exorcism and the pigs appears in Mark, Luke, and Matthew with some variations.

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Studia Divina

“Never in any case whatever is a genuine effort of the attention wasted. It always has its effect on the spiritual plane and in consequence on the lower one of the intelligence, for all spiritual light lightens the mind.” 

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Changing Your Mind Without Losing Your Faith

Rethinking your faith can be scary. But giving up on what is unbelievable can help to clear the way for the kind of faith that is more believable and ultimately more satisfying. Changing your mind can be a way of saving your faith.

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Nourishing Endurance

We know now he gave us this meal
to nourish our endurance,

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Fifty Years Later

3rd in Series

Key to my understanding today are some observations about human life. I’ll refer to these later in the discussion about human nature, but a quick summary is in order. Following the Reformers, and adding a touch of neuroscience, it seems to me that we all become egocentric.

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Understanding the story about Lazarus and the rich man

Q&A With Rev. James Burklo

As a progressive Christian, how should one read and understand the story about Lazarus and the rich man?

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – June 20, 2022

Join Caleb and Mark and as they enjoy a themed drink (or two) and bring their high-octane progressive Christian perspectives as they look at Marvel’s first leading Muslim Superhero, “Ms. Marvel.”

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Jesus Takes A Side

Embracing the Political Demands of the Gospel

  Jesus sides with the oppressed. Will you? In a world divided by left and right, red and blue, many Christians have upheld a “third way” approach in pursuit of moderation, harmony, and unity. But if Christians …

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When We Belong: Reclaiming Christianity on the Margins

We need belonging to survive and thrive, but too often the church is an impediment.

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A brief history of Roman Christianity being brought into China

The Apostle’s Creed was brought in with the Roman bible. But not too many people became believers.

The Emperor Wu Zong of Tang Dynasty in 845 AD preferred Buddhism and made all other religions as forbidden.

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