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Real Men

I wanted to share a teaser about what makes real men , and it’s not being a marine or cowboy or smoking a certain brand of cancer-sticks.

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Butts and Bottled Water

Earlier this week, I read that Spain has ruled cigarette manufacturers responsible for the cost of cigarette butt clean-up. I was SOOOOO excited about that; completely over the top!

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Dr. King on the Failures of Religion

Dr. Martin Luther King, whose Feast Day we celebrate today, had his criticism of church and religion.

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Abraham Lincoln and the Workings of Whisper Ethics

Abraham Lincoln was a progressive Christian. While being raised in a small fundamentalist Baptist church, Lincoln rejected the Christianity of his parents.

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Pope Benedict XVI’s era of LGBTQ+ bashing comes to an end

Sadly Benedicts’ anti-modernity views on AIDS and women’s role within the Catholic Church hierarchy were both retro, reckless, and spiritually abusive. For example, he stuck by his no condoms even in an age of AIDS.

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The Science of Compassion

Now available on-demand

The Science of Compassion course is intended to present a broad overview of research into a relatively new branch of neuroscience. Compassion can and must be learned.

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The Food Donation Improvement Act

The Food Tank is INCREDIBLY excited to share with you that the Food Donation Improvement Act passed both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and is now heading to President Biden’s desk for final approval! It is a major bipartisan accomplishment.

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This Isn’t Just Jesus’ Birthday

It isn’t just Jesus’ birthday. The whole of creation is reborn.

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El Paso is Bethlehem

Today there are Bethlehems all over the world as families are forced to leave home environments, travel to places unprepared for them, and find a way to survive on their own.

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Giving Christianity Back to Agape Love

A New Paradigm for Being Church Together

How could a church that has been plagued by anti-Semitism, the killing of the Crusades, and the violence of the Inquisition (to name a few) be redeemed of these evils? Quite simply, it has always returned to Jesus.

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All Our Griefs to Bear: Responding with Resilience after Collective Trauma

Church and Christian community look a lot different than they did before the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic, racial trauma, and economic uncertainty revealed difficult truths about the wounds we carry. The damage caused by trauma is deep and affects every part of our lives together.

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The Case for EcoSanta

Old Saint Nick is in need of an eco-friendly makeover.

Santa must evolve. He has to become more meaningful, more relevant, more present. Santa’s way of being in the world, as the children’s greatest gift-giver, needs bringing up to speed. What we need is a Santa children will want to emulate, and who can help them learn to serve the Earth as a long-term thank you for the miracle of life.

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – November 21, 2022

Join Mark and CAleb as they enjoy a themed drink (or two) and bring their high-octane progressive Christian perspectives in consideration of the MCU’s second Black Panther film, “Wakanda Forever”.

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Love is Everything

A Year With Hadewijch of Antwerp

This compilation of the mystical writings of Hadewijch of Antwerp is best described, in Andrew Harvey’s words, as a “heroic song” of love

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – November 7, 2022

Join Caleb and Mark as they enjoy a themed drink (or two) and bring their high-octane progressive Christian perspectives in consideration of Season 3 of Star Trek’s somewhat irreverent, adult animation show, “Lower Decks.”

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – October 31, 2022

Mark and Caleb Review

Join Mark and Caleb as they enjoy a themed drink (or two) and bring their high-octane progressive Christian perspectives in consideration of “Last Night in Soho.”

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Study Guide for The Core Values of Progressive Christianity 2022- Spiral Bound

This study guide can be used for small group study, intentional communities, conferences, or any group who would like to delve more deeply into the history and the process of living out the core teachings of Jesus. There are discussion questions and space after each point for groups to come up with their own thoughts and ideas.

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