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Thanksgiving and the Rittenhouse Reality

Sermon: Rev. Mark Sandlin
Presbyterian Church of the Covenant –
Music: Bruce Piephoff

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Interview with Robert O’Sullivan on William Blake

KCIW radio host Lee Tuley interviews Robert O’Sullivan about the life and works of William Blake.

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The World Comes to an End Every Day!

Mark 13:1-8

I used to think that the end of the world would come in a blaze of glory. I used to think that when the world ended there would be plenty of warning. I used to think that if you paid enough attention to what was going on around you, you would be able to tell when the world was going to end.

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Paul, a First Century Feminist

Like Jesus, Paul was a radical egalitarian.  He was also, it turns out, a first century feminist.  In all the churches he helped found and nurture, he insisted on gender equality. 

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The One you Feed

There is no inescapable reason why human beings need become divided and protective. There is another way, a way that is based on recognizing that the world we have created for ourself is limited in scope and accuracy. We must not hide in our cocoon and be threatened by all else.

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Deep Ecumenism: Bede Griffiths on the Wisdom of Hinduism

In the shadow of COP26 we are meditating on the powerful role that Deep Ecumenism can and must play in the future of the planet.  To get the most out of individual humans and our diverse communities, we must include the spiritual dimension.  That is where the fire of excitement and passion, sacrifice and visions, is lit and stays lit.

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Is the Church ever going to address the antisemitism in our liturgy?

t is time the Church confronted its role in perpetuating all the antisemitism the first century Church created and the Church has perpetuated since.

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Values, Truth, and Spiritual Danger

Progressive Christianity and the Age of Trump

In a series of ruminations, Edward G. Simmons brings a lifetime’s experiences, along with biblical and historical insights, to the ethical problems faced by Christians living under the impact of President Trump.

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Captain Kirk and His Merry Band of Billionaires!

Mark 10:35-45

Excuse me if I sound a little too indignant but jockeying for a seat during a global pandemic is more than a little tone deaf, when according to the United Nations, yet another 150 million or so people will be plunged into poverty this year, swelling the ranks of the global poor to over one and a half-billion people, over half of which are children.

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The Bible and Transgender

My oldest child has recently come out as transgender. Not surprisingly, many Christian friends are now pointing to the bible saying that she is a sinner and that God ‘condemns’ her. Does the Bible and God really say that?

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Civil Rights History by Robert O’Sullivan

Radio interview/podcast with “Reality Check” host Lee Tuley interviewing Robert O’Sullivan of KCIW in Brookings, Oregon.

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“God Is No Longer a Working Number”

Rethinking Christianity for the Twenty-first Century

For millions of people across the globe, God (as we have historically known God) is no longer a working number. Neither is traditional theology or the institutional church. In response, many of these spiritual skeptics have given up on religion altogether. However, plenty of them are still searching for a faith that can work in the modern world.

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Why do so many individuals still hold prejudiced views?

The news and social media are full of the wonderful contributions of people of color, gays and trans.  Why do you think so many individuals still hold prejudiced views about people who are different from them? 

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“Let’s Be Better Humans”

is a humble reminder that we all belong to one human race.

“We all strive for purpose and understanding, to hear and to be heard, to see and to be seen, to leave this world a better place than we found it.”  – Jon Linton

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It’s the Money, Honey

It was the rich and powerful who had Jesus killed. His brand of socialism was not good for business or politics. To their chagrin, his death did not end the movement he had begun. In fact, it spread.

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Paul’s Radical Egalitarianism

For Paul, baptism is the pre-condition for equality.  Simply put, when we are baptized into Christ, there is no inequality.  This is true for all relationships, both inside and outside the assembly.  For Paul, this was a non-negotiable affirmation that he expected his churches to adhere to.

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Can Religion Save Humanity?

With all the news today of doom and gloom for our world, do you think religion can save humanity?

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