Prismatic Theology and the Illumination of Genesis I

Progressive voices frequently mention the need for ‘Creation-centered Theology and a new language that reflects the deepest needs of the human spirit. A prismatic perspective of Genesis I provides both! To date, biblical scholarship does not recognize the prismatic perspective of Genesis I because traditional historical/critical scholarship does not combine the science of light with the text of Genesis I.

As an Independent Scholar, I have recently introduced the prismatic perspective of Genesis I to five different regions within the Society of Biblical LIterature as well as the annual meeting in New Orleans, 2009. My presentation entitled: Prismatic Theology and the Illumination of Genesis I offers a pathway forward for the necessary changes that must take place in Theology and Language as the Church of Tomorrow seeds itself.

Anyone who cannot attend the presentation in person is welcome to visit me at; or at, (currently under construction) or “Prismatic Theology” on Facebook; where 4 introductory videos will soon be available for viewing.

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