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What is Progressive Christianity?

About the Movement

Progressive Christianity is an open, intelligent and collaborative approach to the Christian tradition and the life and teachings of Jesus that creates a pathway into an authentic and relevant religious experience.

The 8 Points of Progressive Christianity

About Us

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that offers thoughtful and practical resources for individuals, families, and communities to explore and affect progressive Christianity, spirituality, community life, social and environmental justice.

About Us

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PATHWAYS Theological Education
An Online Institute for Progressive Christian Theology
Up-coming courses for continuing education include:
L1.3 Variety of Beliefs Within Christianity Today (6-weeks)
Jan. 9 to Feb 19
Ministry in the 21st Century is characterized by bridging sometimes wide and subtle differences in beliefs, languages of faith, and individual experiences. This course allows participants to explore the evolution of differences within their own experience while also considering other differences encountered in ministry today.
L1.4 The Stories of Christian Saints and Sinners (6-weeks)
Mar 6 to April 16
This course provides an overview of the 2000 plus year history of the Christian church in chronological order and in themes or patterns within the history.
L1.5 Spiritual Care of Self and Others (6-weeks)
May 1 to June 11
This course is an opportunity for participants to explore their understanding of self as members of a Christian community and to develop skills to teach and support others about specific aspects of the Christian tradition that support self-care.
L2.6, 2.7 UCC History and Polity (12-weeks)
January 9 to April 2
The purpose of this course is to explore the history, polity, theologies, and practices of the United Church of Christ and its predecessor denominations. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the history and polity requirement for authorized ministry in the United Church of Christ in many associations and conferences.
L3.6 Professional Boundaries and Ministerial Self-Care (6-weeks)
February 27 – April 9
In this course, we will explore ethics and their application for professional pastoral ministers. We will consider the boundaries that define the relationships between professional pastoral ministers and congregants.
L3.9 Practicing Our Faith in the Public Square (6-weeks for 4 CEU’s)
January 9 – February 19
This course examines the why, how, and direction of faith-based engagement in the political life of our communities and nation.

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Hello Friends! We are excited to announce that we are now on Instagram! Not really sure why it took us so long… 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s awesome over there! We are having fun meeting new authors, leaders, activists, artists, visionaries, pastors and more ... who are creating new and inspiring ways of affecting positive personal, social, and spiritual transformation. Join us on Instagram as we co-create another layer of this beautiful tribe.


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