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and justice-centered Christianity. Thank you for your generosity!”


Make a One-Time Donation is a 501c3 non-profit organization (FEIN: 52-1893641). We depend on your loving donations. To make your secure, tax-deductible gift click above or any of these great options.

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By being a monthly giver you are ensuring the sustainability of and supporting our mission in a meaningful way.

Children’s Curriculum Donation
We believe there is nothing more important than nourishing our children and future generations spiritually. Join us today in this important quest.

Supporting Church Donation (Starting at $500)
When churches partner with us, they are more likely to be found by new visitors, as well as making a clear statement of their progressive values. Supporting Church Partners will receive a Welcome Packet that includes:
* A Welcome Poster to hang in your space
* An 8 Points Poster
* An 8 Points Study Guide

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Why Donate?
Join the global community of who are leading the way in shaping values that many progressive Christians take for granted today. Our actions, leadership, resources, curricula, and liturgies have been easing the pain, suffering and degradation inherent in society today. For 20 years has been changing the world by encouraging spiritually minded individuals and organizations to adopt a revitalized faith. That the term progressive Christianity is even a common term now used around the world, is in large part due to our organization being dedicated to growing the movement.

Your donation helps us continue to discover and share the most cutting edge, progressive resources from around the world as well as create children’s spiritual curriculum, and support community building.

We are working on the issues of racism, sexism, social injustices, climate change, and the plight of indigenous peoples. We are asking, how can Christians do better? We are holding ourselves, our ancestors and our members accountable. While at the same time we are looking forward toward a future that is more harmonious and spirit filled — providing liturgical, ceremonial, and ritual resources for faith communities that are truly meaningful and theologically progressive. We aim to support churches as they transition through these changing times and to help discover new ways of being in sacred community.

Progressive Christianity transforms the world and individuals by:

  • Teaching and spreading a path of joy and loving kindness
  • Reclaiming a compassion based Christianity
  • Taking a stand against exclusion, hate, oppression, and violence
  • Encouraging our communities to commit to anti-racism and Christian reparations
  • Recognizing Jesus as a historic teacher and activist as well as a person of color
  • Encouraging peaceful and positive inter-faith relations
  • Honoring Indigenous people as native to these lands and protectors of Mother Earth in the past, present and future
  • Seeking active participation in the positive transformation of self, local community and world
  • Supporting movements and actions that lead to restorative justice and peace building, especially those which uplift BIPOC
  • Nourishing a deep spirituality in children
  • Building and supporting community around intention and meaningful action
  • Encouraging the protection and restoration of our earth home.

If you contribute, your donation will help to change the world one person, one church, one law, at a time – just like your life may have been changed as you began to move toward a more progressive Christianity. Your gift today enables us to lead the fight for a compassionate Christianity with intellectual integrity and REAL RESULTS. We need your gifts to continue the cause.