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We need your donations right now to continue affecting Christian leadership and to positively transform this world.



Right now, you have an incredible opportunity to make a monumental difference in the world through supporting Our world is dangerously polarized. Religious extremism and fundamentalism have led to increased violence and social inequalities that can literally mean life or death for so many.



Join the people of who are leading the way in shaping values that many progressive Christians take for granted today. Our actions, leadership, resources, curricula, and liturgies have been easing the pain, suffering and degradation inherent in society today. For 20 years Progressive Christianity has been changing the world by encouraging spiritually minded individuals and organizations to adopt a revitalized faith.


Progressive Christianity transforms the world and individuals by:

  • Teaching and spreading a path of joy and loving kindness

  • Reclaiming a compassion based Christianity

  • Taking a stand against exclusion, hate, ignorance, and violence

  • Recognizing Jesus as a historic teacher and activist

  • Encouraging peaceful and positive inter-faith relations

  • Nourishing a deep spirituality in children

  • Building and supporting community around intention and meaningful action

  • Encouraging protection and restoration of our earth home.


If you contribute, your donation will help to change the world one person, one church, one law, at a time – just like your life may have been changed as you began to move toward a more progressive Christianity. Your gift today enables us to lead the fight for a compassionate Christianity with intellectual integrity and REAL RESULTS. We desperately need your gifts to continue the cause. is a 501c-3 non-profit organization. We depend on your loving donations. To make your secure, tax-deductible gift click below.



“This organization has been a central part in the fight for LGBTQ rights since the beginning. Progressive Christianity at its core is inclusive and welcoming of all people. We are a strong voice for compassionate Christianity.  We seek the equality of all people, open mindedness, social justice, a dedication to learning, service to our fellow human beings, the restoration of our earth and the spiritual awakening of all people.” ~Deshna Ubeda, Director


Consider donating today to support a New Christianity for a New World. The time is now.



You can support in several other ways:


By purchasing an item from our online store,


By listing your community in our Global Network Directory,


Or by becoming a Supporting Church. Just click an option below to help out!


To make your secure, tax-deductible gift right now click below.



Click here to donate $75 to add your organization to our Global Network Listing:



Click here to donate $500 to become a Supporting Church:



Click here to donate to our Children’s Curriculum Project:




If you would like your donation to go specifically toward a particular project or if you would like to honor someone with your gift, please email us at and let us know how you would like your contribution designated.  Thanks so much!


Here are some of the projects that we are currently working on or would LOVE to get started on:


  • A Joyful Path, Year Three Children’s Curriculum, ages 6-10 ($85,000)

  • Climate Restoration Project ($3000)

  • Liturgy Project ($5000)

  • Evolving Churches ($10,000)

  • Intentional Community Module ($2500)


If you prefer to mail in a check, please make it out to and mail it to:


4810 Pt. Fosdick Dr. NW #80
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
United States


Or if you would like to talk with someone in our office, please call us at 253.507.8657 and we can answer any questions you may have, or process a credit card transaction over the phone.



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