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“First of all, I wish to thank you with all my heart. Through your site, we were able to find a perfect match for our posting for Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Rockford, Illinois. We are all truly grateful for your website. Thank you again so very much.” ~Karen


Director of Christian Education – Chicago

Kenilworth Union Church is a historic protestant congregation on Chicago’s North Shore which aspires to serve the world, to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God and with each other. We are seeking a Director of Christian Education who will lead an active, inclusive, vibrant family-oriented faith community that seeks to embody “church as a school of love.” Information is posted at


Senior Pastor Position – Full Time

Providence Church of Southeast Texas was created from two historical churches in 2010 when we set out to create a different kind of church – a church that wasn’t just for church people. Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Teach the Word; administer the sacraments; offer instruction, confirm, marry, insure that the sick and distressed are visited, and bury the dead; conduct public worship; insure pastoral care is provided; speak publicly to the world proclaiming God’s love; work actively to grow the Kingdom through congregational ministry; and moderate congregational meetings, yet have no vote in such meetings.

Provide overall direction and vision for the congregation; supervise directly or indirectly all staff; offer guidance to the Leadership Team; be a voting member of the Leadership Team; be a voice for spreading the Gospel; install regularly elected members of the Leadership Team; and with the Leadership Team, administer discipline and boundary setting.

Bible based theology, compassionate, integrity, a prophetic voice and inspirational advocate for all, a caring shepherd for all.

A competitive salary and benefits package will be offered in alignment with education, experience, and terms of call.

Click here for full job description. Please send your resume to or paper mail to Pastor Search Committee at this address.


WSCF is calling for application WSCF North America Executive and Global Advocacy Program Director


The WSCF seeks a regional staff person with a vision for nurturing dynamic ecumenical student movements in the US and Canada; committed to social justice; and desiring to work as part of an international team on global student concerns. This role will be under a 2-year contract with the opportunity to renew for a maximum of 8 years. Salary and Benefits are negotiable.

Please submit the following materials Electronically to by October 20, 2017. The position will remain open until filled.
· Resume
· Cover letter
· Personal Statement 500-1000 words (this can be about your faith, theology, or social justice journey)

For more information visit website for full job description.


Part-Time Pastor, Chesterfield, VA (10-19-17)

First Congregational Christian United Church of Christ, in Chesterfield County, Virginia and convenient to Richmond, is seeking a Part-Time Pastor who would share our vision and be committed to leading and challenging us to live this journey of growth toward union with God. Through ministries of inclusion, justice and compassion, we labor to support the poor and marginalized, demonstrating solidarity with and advocating for racial, gender, LGBTQ and immigrant justice. We are an “Open and Affirming” church, welcoming all people without insisting that they become like us.  We strive to be “Progressive Christians”, as outlined by the 8 Points.

The success and sustainability of our half-time pastor position has been the result of the congregation’s willingness to partner with the pastor to ensure essential church functions are carried out, while enabling the pastor to focus on ministerial duties. FCC is moving forward in a life of faith as an effective witness in our local community and in the world, reflecting the life of Jesus in how we live and treat our neighbors, especially those who have been marginalized. Scope of work:  Preparation and leadership of worship and adult faith formation, crafting of liturgy, bulletin and sermon; pastoral care in collaboration with lay people; coaching and advocating of the congregation’s ministries and children’s faith formation.  We offer $34-36.5 salary, plus benefits and housing allowance.

For more information, please see our profile.  Candidates lacking an active profile within the UCC should contact Rev Audrey Price, Potomac Association of the Central Atlantic Conference ( ); see also Ministerial Candidates. Please do not contact our church directly, as we only consider applications received through the conference office.


Seeking Ministry Position


Do you want your church to experience more joy and a more dynamic worship that appeals to families and young adults? Progressive, ecumenical pastor who is creative, energetic, friendly, mature, accepting and well-versed in spiritual practices seeks her next ministry. Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Prefer Northern climates. Portfolio available. Contact Dr. Tere (Terrilyn) Krueger at 269 329-9494 (text too) or email:

Full-time Ordained Minister


Kittamaqundi Community Church in Columbia, Maryland is seeking a full-time ordained minister. For more information about us and the application process, please visit our website at


Job Opportunity with Westar Institute (6-16-17)


Executive Assistant: Marketing and Events Management

Westar is a non-profit religious research and educational institute whose mission is to foster collaborative scholarly research in the study of religion and to communicate the results of that scholarship to a broad, non-specialist public. Through publications, educational programs, and research projects, our member-supported institute brings scholars with advanced degrees in biblical studies, philosophy of religion, and related fields into conversation with non-specialists from all walks of life.

Westar is seeking to fill the position of Executive Assistant with marketing and events management skills. This position combines two main, interrelated tasks: 1) the lead position in marketing and social media; 2) an associate position, working with other staff, in events management. This position requires the ability to work independently in a telecommunicating environment.

• This is a ¾-time (30 hours/week) position with potential to grow to full-time.
• Compensation: $32 – $36K per year
• This position reports to the Executive Director and supervises a part-time web technician.


The Executive Assistant will take the lead role with Westar Institute staff and the Board Marketing Committee (BMC) in carrying out a broad communications strategy for Westar’s nonprofit mission of advancing religious literacy. He/she ensures that Westar members and prospective members receive clear, timely information about the activities and resources of the organization which include:
• 2 national events
• 15–20 regional events
• Books, periodicals, audiovisual, and other forms of educational material or public announcements.

Events Management
The Executive Assistant works cooperatively with the Board Program Committee (BPC) to plan and carry out the logistical aspects of programs. He/she maintains a master calendar and takes responsibility for procedural needs such as recruiting new hosts and sites, answering questions, offering advice on how to handle various event-
related tasks, and overseeing the events planning progress. Overall, the Executive Assistant ensures that staff and key volunteers are all working together effectively.

The ideal candidate is a capable communicator who can translate specialist jargon into non-specialist parlance, creating popular and appealing program web and social media copy; is a capable planner and promoter of events and excels at managing a schedule for an organization with a rich variety of programs and activities.

• Capable of providing strategic input and leadership for developing and carrying out a marketing plan.
• Capable of understanding and valuing religious literacy and critical thinking skills in a humanities-centered environment (a university degree is an asset).
• Strong verbal & written communication skills.
• Highly skilled at researching and gathering information and converting it into professional, effective ad copy for both traditional and new media.
• Capable of communicating with wide variety of religiously diverse stakeholders in a graceful and honest manner.
• Professional and friendly demeanor for presenting Westar Institute to stakeholders including members, donors, and partner organizations. • Flexible and adaptable attitude toward organizational growth and change.
• Demonstrable skill/experience at maintaining a detailed, accurate schedule and breaking down major events into manageable tasks.
• Demonstrable skill/experience at managing events remotely, in close collaboration with volunteers via phone, email, and Skype.
• Comfortable managing events ranging in size from 50–150 attendees.
• Comfortable working in an environment where diverse religious and philosophical ideas are regularly discussed.

Exceptional candidates will also have these skills:
• Audiovisual skills, e.g. to support live streaming of events or to create recordings of events for future promotions.
• Experience with marketing research tools, e.g. surveys, A/B testing.
• Experience negotiating contracts with hotels and other event partners.
• Experience with livestreaming, webinars, and other new media events.
• Experience in graphic art
• Religious Studies education (or equivalent knowledge/experience)

Interested and qualified candidates may apply online at Westar Institute
For questions, please email:

Important Dates:
• Application Deadline: June 30, 2017
• Start Date: August 28, 2017

Full-time Pastor, Church of the Holy Family, Aurora, Colorado (3-27-17)

Church of the Holy Family, a member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC), in Aurora, Colorado is a progressive community which strives to be an inclusive family in Christ celebrating the Catholic tradition in an atmosphere of acceptance and support. We believe in an environment in which clergy and laity work alongside one another. Our members include former Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, and Protestants. We recognize the dignity of all people, regardless of race, nation of origin, gender, or sexual orientation. At Church of the Holy Family, all are welcome to the Lord’s Table.

Church of the Holy Family is seeking a committed and visionary full-time pastor to guide us into our next chapter. This pastor will provide leadership in:
– Liturgy
– Pastoral Care
– Outreach
– Spiritual Formation

We are looking for a pastor whose values align with the mission, vision, and distinctives of Holy Family and the ECC. This pastor will have the knowledge and experience to envision creative ways to grow our parish and address the challenges facing churches today. Eligibility for ordination or incardination into the ECC required. Master’s of Divinity required.

Compensation: $50,000/yearly

Interested candidates should send cover letter, resume, transcripts, and curriculum vitae by June 1 to OR Church of the Holy Family, ATTN: Parish Leadership Team, 16738 East Iliff Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80013

For more information, please visit our websites: and

Senior Pastor- United Church of Chapel Hill (UCCH – Posted 1-25-17)

UCCH is a United Church of Christ congregation located in the beautiful Research Triangle region of North Carolina, a thriving research, educational and cultural center with great schools and a mild 4-season climate. Our co-senior pastors are retiring in 2017 and we are seeking a new senior pastor to provide inspirational leadership in worship and outreach, oversee operations, and lead 17 staff and a congregation of 955 members.

Our congregation is from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, but all are attracted to our passion for biblical truth, social justice, and caring for God’s creation. We are an open and affirming congregation committed to extravagantly welcoming everyone to share in God’s abundant joy; our overarching creed is love.

We are seeking a senior pastor with the skills and proven leadership to build on the strengths of our thriving community, and the insight to help us envision and create our future. We also are looking for a leader that can respond creatively to the unique opportunities and the challenges facing churches today. Our future pastor will be a prophetic voice, an inspirational advocate for justice, and a caring shepherd for our members and lay leaders. Eligibility for privilege of call in the UCC required.

Please send inquires to and visit our website United Church of Chapel Hill.