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Practicing Spirituality with Teaching Stories

From: July 14, 2014 to August 27, 2014

For millennia, teaching stories have been used to convey the wisdom of the world’s religions and spiritual paths. Sacred texts are full of them: the stories about God’s activity in the Hebrew Bible, Jesus’ parables about the kingdom of God in the Gospels, the epic accounts of the gods and goddesses in Hindu scriptures. From the oral traditions, we have tales about Buddhist teachers, Hasidic rebbes, Sufi dervishes, and Taoist masters; fables; fairy tales; even jokes.

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Bishop Spong – “The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic” at PSR

From: July 14, 2014 to July 18, 2014

This class will lift the Gospel of John out of the Bible in general and away from the other gospels, in particular, so that it can be studied in its own integrity. We will identify the unique themes found in the Fourth Gospel and seek to understand those themes in the light of the context of the history of the late first century when this gospel was being written. This means we will spend some time analyzing the different patterns of thought revealed in the Fourth Gospel, from the low Christology of the earlier part of this book to the higher Christology of the latter parts. We will speculate on the number of authors that might be revealed in the analysis. The course will proceed by breaking John’s Gospel into its constituent parts and studying each in turn.

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