In Praise of Doubt

1. Some people say, “To doubt is wrong”

We should not doubt at all;

To question our beliefs, they say

Could bring about our fall;

But doubt permits an honest stance

In those who are devout;

For those who think about beliefs

Can sing in praise of doubt.


2. The Thomas’ story has been used

To judge, condemn, deplore;

But Thomas shows he is sincere;

He wanted to be sure.

For doubt can help and not deter

A vital turnabout;

Yes! Those who care about beliefs

Can sing in praise of doubt.


3. If our beliefs prevent our search

For new and different creeds;

Let us beware of narrow views

Where dogma often breeds;

With new, exciting facts we learn

Much love can come about;

Yes! Those who grow in their beliefs

Can sing in praise of doubt.


Volume 4 No. 50

In Praise of Doubt

Tune Forest Green AHB 240 TiS 316

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