The Presence of God

From the 'Sing Young, Sing Joyfully' collection

1. The presence of God unfolds in minds

Exploring mystery’s haze.

Yes, God is found within the minds

That search for wisdom’s ways.


2. The presence of God is seen by eyes

Which look behind each face.

Yes, God is found within the eyes

That find life’s joy and grace.


3. The presence of God is heard through words

That praise us and sustain.

Yes, God is found within the words

That sing love’s sweet refrain.


4. The presence of God is felt through hands

That gently share their power.

Yes, God is found within the hands

That help our spirits flower.


5. The presence of God is in the now

Of every day and night

For those with open hearts and minds

Who use their inner sight.


Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace
Harmony by Graham Hollobon

Click here to hear this song: Wallace.The Presence of God

Click here to see the score:  Wallace.The Presence of God

Topics: Arts and Music and Worship & Liturgy. Ages: Elementary, Pre-Teen, and Teen. Resource Types: Audio MP3 and Children's Songs.

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