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Local Groups


Creating Sacred Community is committed to helping people move forward in their spiritual journey!  Often, part of that process is connecting with other people to share ideas, encourage one another, and nourish each other on a deeper level than most of us find in our regular lives.  If you can’t find this type of Sacred, Intentional Community in your area, try starting your own!


Need help getting started?

Click here for a guide to creating local groups


Find Resources for Your Gatherings

Get creative!  The content of your community’s time can range from book discussions to study series, topical discussion or activism projects. Resources for study or discussion are posted regularly in our resource section.

Search here through all our categories and resource types to find the materials you need for your gatherings


Get Listed- Help Others Find Your Group

Make sure that you get your group listed in our global directory, so that others can find you!

Also, search for individuals in your area and invite them to join you!


Don’t Forget the Kids

We have incredible inclusive, pluralistic, intelligent, and compassionate children’s curriculum and other resources.

Click here for our children’s curriculum

Click here for other children’s resources


A Good Place to Start

Try our 8 Points Study Guide as an 8 week or month group discussion


Blessings on your journey!


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