Sacred Quest: The Evolution & Future of the Human Soul

Robert Keck’s new science of the collective human Soul’s evolutionary journey makes sense of current, worldwide paradigm shifts and faith-quakes, and it promotes our participation in spiritual emergence.. Keck’s research suggests that change, evolution, and transformation are basic ingredients of the Soul’s history.

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    "In spite of the terrifying specter of our unprecedented and untemperedpower, our human species has achieved an extraordinary capacity to lookback into time and gain a vision and perspective never before available.Our small, myopic, and fiercely defended identities have imploded into avast, unimaginable realization of our unity, not only with all humanity,but with earth, with the stars, and with the whole mystery of the universe."It is the glimpse of recognition, almost too unspeakable to bear, that Dr.Keck holds in a steady, sustained gaze. With that gaze he has foundlanguage to describe the signposts for tracing humanity’s inner psychicdevelopment as a self-aware and reflexively conscious species, yet clearlyimbedded within the vast and complex web of species of earth’s one livingcommunity.By providing a long, historic gaze backward, Keck enables us to see bothour potential and our limitations for moving through the perils of ourpresent stage of collective human evolution, into the immensely challengingperiod of shedding our immature patterns of behavior and thought. It is avision that can nourish our hopes as well as mitigate ourpresumptions."

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    "Just when it seems that all verities and moorings are being swept away by encroaching chaos, Dr. Keck …perceives and clearly shares the deep structures of our spiritual development as a species on this planet. What Teilhard de Chardin pointed to, Dr. Keck fleshes out. We need not despair because the shock we experience is a birth into a vaster awareness. Readers of Sacred Quest cannot help but be moved to desire in their own lives to further this momentous evolution."– Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi,"Chair of World Wisdom" atThe Naropa University

    "Dr. Keck’s new book is an impressive overview of humanity’s changing values and spiritual evolution. He provides us with an exceptional and comprehensive guidebook, showing us where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going spiritually. This is a most compelling and thought-provoking book!"– Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. Cultural Anthropologist, Author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life"Humanity is at the crossroads of our next evolutionary step – evolving our spiritual consciousness. Like an experienced mountain guide, Bob Keck points us in the right direction. With amazing insight and synthesis, he provides us with the perspective to guide us safely home."– Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D., Author of Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water"Bob Keck tells his own story of new life… even while he teaches us about spiritual fitness in future tense. At once, Sacred Quest is sweeping yet personal, empirical yet emotional…[and]… is a gripping tale for the coming of age."– Robert Johansen, Ph.D., President, Institute for the Future"As Andre Malraux said, ‘The 21st century will be spiritual or will not be at all.’ Sacred Quest explores what a spiritually aware future may look like. This book contains great wisdom."– Larry Dossey, M.D., Author of Reinventing Medicine"In Sacred Quest Robert Keck offers a hopeful and evocative vision of a maturing human spirituality breathing mystery, creativity, uncertainty, humility. Here are insights to awaken and intrigue the church and its ministry to explore the fresh work of the Spirit in the evolution of the human soul."– Robert Raines, Ph.D., Author of A Time To Live"In recent decades we have come to view much of our collective human history with horror as a story of violent aggression of all sorts. Keck recognizes the depth of evil that has been the consequence, but he locates all this as one phase in the evolution of consciousness. This makes it possible to look to the future with an urgently needed hope that it will express a new maturity."– John B. Cobb, Jr., Claremont School of Theology"Today’s unprecedented rate of change in human values can seem chaotic and frightening. Robert Keck’s simple but elegant theoretical framework… is a supportive tool for understanding the Soul’s evolution, particularly reassuring at this pivotal time of paradigm shifts and faith-quakes… Keck’s intelligent heart infuses his illustrative anecdotes and observations, inspiring the reader toward the deeper connections to others, to nature, and to the Divine that mark the mature Soul’s emergence."– NAPRA ReView"If you’re one for joining science and spirit, if you’re intrigued by our evolution, if you’re excited by the future we are becoming, I strongly recommend Sacred Quest. This is a potent and important look at where we’ve been and where we’re going, and one of the very few books I now include among my must-reads."– Steve McCardell, primary book reviewer for The New Times

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    It is time for a breath of fresh air in the realm of the sacred. Stale air not only is unhealthy for inhalation and the continuation of life, but it is simply inadequate for the spiritual inspiration that is so desperately needed at this time in history.Those who are searching for a breath of fresh air will find it in Robert Keck’s latest book, Sacred Quest. A continuation of the ideas presented in Sacred Eyes (Synergy Associates, Inc., 1992), Keck argues in Quest that humanity is presently in a stage not unlike the chrysalis – a time of transition as we move from a collective adolescence to adulthood. By the end of the book, Keck has laid out a stimulating argument that we live in a unique and special time in the history of human kind.Part One, entitled “The Early Development of the Human Soul,” develops the ideas of Epochs with regard to the human soul. Keck documents paradigm shifts from Epoch I (35,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago) to Epoch II (10,000 years ago to the present), which he refers to as “childhood” and “adolescence,” respectively. Included in these chapters are discussions of the importance of the earth and matrilineal thinking to early people, the rise of aggression and the need for control in our present day, and the importance of the symbol of the chrysalis and butterfly as we look to our future. Keck completes Part One with a chapter entitled “Crisis in the Chrysalis: The Current Transformation of Soul,’ where he argues that we are currently in a period of chaos which will lead us into a new Epoch.Throughout Sacred Quest, Keck focuses on Deep Values, “the DNA of the human Soul.” In Part Two, Keck focuses on the Deep Values his research leads him to believe will be part of our corporate future. Keck covers ideas such as the nature of humanity, a move away from patriarchy, and a renewed understanding of wholeness. Chapter seven, “The Sprituality of Time,” is worth the price of the book all by itself. Included are discussions of the concepts of time described by the Greek words chronos and kairos, eternity, and the Epoch II fear of time.Whether or not the reader is ready to agree that we are poised at this very moment on the brink of adulthood, Sacred Quest is sure to be a stimulating read. In addition, this book lends itself well to discussions. Each chapter is broken into sections which are clearly labeled with headings to guide the reader through the chapter. Chapters are followed by questions for further reflection which relate to the chapter’s content. Groups who wish to read at a slower pace would be able to easily break down chapters for closer consideration by using the chapter sub-headings and consulting the questions listed for insight from the author about items for further discussion.

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