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A Joyful Path Year 3


We are thrilled to announce the start of the A Joyful Path, Spiritual Curriculum for Young Hearts and Minds Year 3 Project! This will be the 3rd and final year of A Joyful Path which is part of our Inner Wisdom Series. But we need your help.



We are delighted to share with you this exciting news!


A while back, we did a massive interview process of churches, scholars, theologians, and lay people asking them, what is needed most in the progressive Christian movement. Overwhelmingly, the response was a need for progressive, spiritual children’s curriculum. So, we created the Children’s Curriculum Project, called The Inner Wisdom Series, and embarked on an exciting and groundbreaking journey. Our goal was to create progressive Christian children’s curriculum that celebrates a joy-filled life, compassion for all, and the wisdom found within, while staying true to the teachings and path of Jesus.


We have thus far created two amazing full year curricula for 6-10 year olds, called A Joyful Path. Year One focused on behavior and the path to spiritual wellbeing. Year Two focused on the path of progressive Christianity, using the 8 Points as the foundation.


We are thrilled to announce that we are now beginning Year 3! This will be our 3rd and final year in the Joyful Path series. And we are confident it will be our best and most meaningful volume yet.


However, we still need to fundraise another $30,000 to be able to fund this project.



Please help make this dream a reality, Donate today!



Year 3 will dive into the theme of: ALL LIFE IS SACRED, drawing upon the idea that a deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth provides a meaningful and life enhancing path toward wellness and wholeness.


More specifically, Year Three is looking directly to Earth for the lessons She readily provides. As Jesus reminded us repeatedly, through parable and metaphor, nature and the life happening all around us continually teaches us what we are here to see and know is this life.


We will be focusing on Interfaith and Interspiritual Mysticism as well as drawing heavily upon Indigenous Wisdom.


These 38 lessons, reflecting and drawing upon the 4 seasons, will be designed to provide:


  • suggestions for personal and group reflection (the instructor, the students and the students in community with one another);
  • resources to expand awareness to other cultures, religions and ways of knowing;
  • practices to invite spiritual discovery, awareness and application;
  • embodied activities for direct encounters and experience;
  • brainstorms for further action and engagement with the community;
  • rituals for celebrating the gifts Earth provides in each of the 4 seasons; and
  • ceremonies to explore gratitude, engagement/being in the struggling, peace-making, and forgiveness.


Each lesson will provide a way of learning through the mind, body, emotion and Spirit.


“Knowing that you love the earth changes you, activates you to defend and protect and celebrate. But when you feel that the Earth loves you in return, that feeling transforms the relationship from a one-way street into a sacred bond.”
~Robin Wall Kimmerer, a Potawatomi Indian and botanist


Some of the Authors and Teachers we will draw upon in writing this curriculum:
Eckhart Tolle
Houston Smith
Paul Knitter
Thomas Berry
Paul Tillich
Jack Cornfield
Meister Eckhart
Robin Wall Kimmerer
Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox
Bishop Jack Spong
Marcus Borg
Rabbi Zalman
Val Webb
Sallie Mcfague

Also, mystical teachings, sacred texts, and ancient mythology…



Artwork by Autumn Skye: