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Voted #1 and #7 of the 20 Best Progressive Christian Blogs and Websites

Feedspot has published “The 20 Best Progressive Christian Blogs and Websites”, curated from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.

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Blogs We Love

Below is a list of blogs selected by leadership.

Feel free to submit your favorites to us, including your own, so we can add them to the list!

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Forward Faith: A Blog of Music and Ideas for a Progressive Faith

by Keith Sanford

Developed by Keith Sanford, Ph.D., Forward Faith provides new music and in-depth discussion of ideas from a faith perspective based on liberal, progressive theology.

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Larry E. Schultz: Music for Progressive Faith, School & Community

Downloadable & Published Music for Progressive Faith, School & Community

There are choral anthems, congregational hymns and songs and instrumental music for progressive faith settings. The website’s blog, “Resonate!” will offer thoughts on communal music and music-making.

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Exiled from Faith

A few weeks ago, I stood on a hill in Edinburgh, Scotland, at sunset. Somewhere on that mound, one of my ancestors was burned as a heretic by the Catholic Church and died as martyr to the new Protestant faith. As the sun fell toward the horizon, the sky turned red – a fitting fiery tribute – and through the blazing clouds a double rainbow formed. A sort of divine apology for whole mess? I couldn’t help but wonder.

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My story of abuse and disconnection with body

It’s a been long summer! One filled with a lot of reflection and thought. And over these last few months, I’ve felt stirred to speak about things I’ve been quiet about. One thing I’ve been quiet about has been abuse.

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The Center for Open and Relational Theology

The Center for Open and Relational Theology exists to promote… open and relational thinking, networking among like-minded people, projects that build upon or advance open and relational ideas, announce news, and provide open and relational theology resources.

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Blog and Podcasts with Cindy Wang Brandt

A life with renewed purpose, healthy spirituality, embodied values, meaningful connection with others, and hope for a more just future.

I write, speak, podcast, and build community surrounding faith shifting issues and anxieties. I want to build the world I want to live in—together, with you.

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How We Can Show Up for the Trans Community

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision allowing the transgender military ban to go into effect is another reminder that the transgender community is under attack by the current administration. They are being painted as dangerous deviants whose very existence threatens our nation.

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Sixty to Twenty-One

So, what wisdom will this 60-year old mom share with her 21-year old daughter this coming year?

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Church Ladies

I still have this burning question: Why do women go to churches that don’t allow women clergy? Ladies, don’t support churches that make you second-class citizens!

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Faith Fight – Fountain Hills, Arizona

“Faith Fight”—that’s what the local news is calling it. Eight churches in Fountain Hills, Arizona, led by the Rev. Bill Good, pastor of Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), have posted banners announcing a sermon series called “‘Progressive’ …

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