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Calm and Compassionate Children

By Published On: October 2, 2008Comments Off on Calm and Compassionate Children

By Wendy Garrido “Editor, North Star Family Matt… (Seattle, WA) –
I picked up the book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. As publisher of a magazine to inspire conscious parenting and empowered kids, this book reminded me of the importance of helping kids settle down, breath, and connect to the world (and people) around them. It’s full practical steps to apply in everyday life but what keeps the pages turning are the personal stories she relates. Some ideas we’ve heard over and over, such as using breath, movement or touch to soothe, but they serve as great reminders to put them back into our lives. Others are innovative, fun, and simple, such as giving your toddler two nickels to hold on to (one for each hand) to distract them while making a quick stop. Without giving too much away, the book offered a reminder that the way things are isn’t necesarily the way they have to be. It IS possible for four 10-year-old boys to be kind, compassionate and gentle with a 4-year-old boy who interrupts their game. Empathy is essential for two humans to connect and understand one another. Empathy is what is lacking within families and in world politics. We started our magazine because we know that it is children who determine the future of the world. With conscious parenting and the ideas presented in this book, our kids have a hope for a more peaceful personal life and world situation.

By Lorna Ann Knox “author ‘Scary News’
I love the way this book addresses what children already possess – open hearts and natural wonder, and shows us how to nurture those qualities so children don’t “grow out” of them. These are not ethereal ideas that disappear in the light of reality, they really work at home and in the classroom. I have my own children and work with children in a variety of settings and have tried many of the suggestions in this book – they are based on truth and experience, and they work. We don’t have to accept the common opinion that kids today are hyperactive, thoughtless and selfish. Children of all ages have enormous capacity for caring if we are willing to give them the opportunities they need to experience the possibilities. Recommended for all adults who share their lives with children.

By Heather Stone (Greenville, SC)
I highly recommend Calm and Compassionate Children for parents, educators, and anybody interested in the emotional state of children! As a parent and child therapist, I found the content very helpful in raising my own mindfulness of the negative influences on children, and more importantly in offering hands on suggestions for placing more healthy and positive influences on childrens’ spirits. Through music, literature, nature, and other modalities the author does a great job showing how to help children achieve compassion, balance, calm, inner contentment, and many other vitues that make for a joyful person. The author also shares personal stories from her experience as a teacher and parent which make the reading even more enjoyable!


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