A Joyful Path, Year One, Lesson 13: Learning Patience

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Lesson 10  from Year One is about: Learning Patience

“The Magic Potion”

Original Story: The Tiger’s Whisker 


Affirmation: I am patient and calm in all I do.

Getting to the Heart of the Lesson


Patience is tuning into the eternal flow of divine consciousness that underlies all life.

Most children would probably define being patient as waiting a long time for something they want, or perhaps putting up with something unpleasant without complaining. Patience is a trait highly valued by parents and teachers, not by spirited young people who live for the moment.


The slow-moving currents in the ocean depths move in a rhythm untouched by the ever-changing surface of the sea. As we tune into patience and learn to feel a deeper rhythm, we discover that the eternal currents of the cosmic ocean of energy also flow unchanging, despite the storms that blow in material realities.


Practicing patience is an important balance to children’s rapid movements, rapid thoughts, rapid growth, and natural desire for the fun that awaits them in the next moment.

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Review & Commentary