A Litany for Veterans

Leader: We pause to remember those who go to war in our name.

Congregation:  We give thanks for courage, for love of country, for those who work to bring peace to our world.

Leader:  Remind us, Oh God, that the goal of any war need be justice and peace.

Congregation :  On this day, we pause in worship to give thanks to God for veterans.

Leader:  And seek to bind up the wounds of those who served.

Congregation: Enable us to know how to comfort, how to bind up their wounds.

Leader:  And remind us, Dear God, that the widow, the orphan, the widower, and the veteran – all know the cost of war.

Congregation:  Challenge us to love the warrior but hate the cost of war.

Leader:  And we pray for a time when peace will reign and swords become plowshares once more, that war be known only in history books.

All:  And we give thanks, Gracious God, that you remain with us as we celebrate the service of all who dared to go forth in our name.  Remind us that such service is not a movie, an adventure, nor something to be glorified.  Remind us that war is a failure by us to overcome hatred with love, injustice with righteousness, violence with peace.  We give thanks for those who protect us from such failures.  May we truly be Your people and be makers of peace.  AMEN.

Topics: Peace and Justice, Prayer, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 4: Act As We Believe and Point 6: Peace and Justice. Seasons & Special Events: Veterans' Day. Resource Types: Practice, Prayers, and Readings.

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