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A New Lord’s Prayer

Breath, love, hope, inspiration
— truth that sings forth from within
even as I am enveloped with its challenge,
borne to my heart from the uncharted boundaries
of that which transcends me,

May these harmonies speak to us
of the beauty for which we long,
the unremembered perfection
whence we were born
and call us to offer ourselves as vessels
for their hallowed music,
pouring truth into the crevasses of despair in our world.

May we walk with courage
in places of hurt, anger, fear, and isolation,
with love, the standard we bear,
holding us to our own truths
and sparing us the tragedy of the petty remark,
the regrettable action,
the choices we know we’ll regret.

And when we cannot hold
to the challenges our love sets for us,
may we find our way back to one another
and in each other’s eyes,
find welcome, healing, and forgiveness.

Through the interweaving of our dreams,
strengthened as they are
with threads of beauty, goodness, and truth,
the glory we may become
is woven into reality.

May we ever offer our hearts
to this essential devotion.
As light into light we pray,



Gretta Vosper, West Hill United Church, Toronto, Canada

                               © 2010 gretta vosper

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