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Addendum to book: Sixth Extinction ?

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has issued yet another warning for Planet Earth. This time, he says we have less than 600 years before it turns into a sizzling fireball. Here is his article: Stephen Hawking issues dire warning: We have less than 600 years until Earth becomes a sizzling fireball.

I write about this in the Addendum to my new book Sixth Extinction?.

Here are the first paragraphs (or click here for full version):



In recent years biosphere degradation has been forcing many scientists and nonscientists to focus attention on the interacting dangers within the relationship between our human species and this planet. Many are concluding that we humans have become an ecological force contrary to biosphere stabilization and that this is so serious it could lead to our extinction.

Renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking is now sounding the alarm. He has even predicted that we have less than 600 years before the planet turns into, as he describes it; “a sizzling fireball.” A chapter in this book supports his prediction. It references a 1972 World Bank report that notes the possibility of a repeat of an extinction event like the Permian Triassic and goes into detail as to how this scenario would unfold.

Even with many scientists like Hawking raising the alarm, few among the general public are expressing concern. This has been particularly true in America. So a question is arising among the “those” who do understand: What is the reason for the public insouciance? Why is it we are only able to focus on the immediacy of our existence? Is it that as a species we are neurotically dangerous to ourselves?

Abrahamic religious belief underlies much of the world’s thought process and behavior. It set the foundation for many of the world’s political, legal, social and economic institutions. Can we find an answer here?

Keeping this in mind we will focus on the interaction between Abrahamic religious belief and planetary sustainability. We will attempt to answer these questions:

Are there human species survival non-survival implications underlying Abrahamic religious belief? The original implication was non-survival. (Apocalyptical) Are its beliefs now moving toward survival? If so, are they moving fast enough?

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