Advancing in the Spirit

Tune Angel’s Story Not in AHB or TiS

Methodist Hymn-book 856 Presbyterian Hymnary No 71.


1. ‘Advancing’ in the spirit by which we can be fed;

Our search for truth is central in all that’s done and said;

In openness we search but it’s not for certainty,

For God is not restricted to our theology.


2. ‘Advancing’ is the outlook that scholarship invites;

The Bible raises questions through ancient tribal rites;

When searching all its pages of myth or history

We open every passage to learned scrutiny.


3. ‘Advancing’ is the posture when looking at the one

Who spoke of love and mercy; fought evil and he won;

We wish to learn from Jesus, from his integrity,

From his display of God’s rule in his humanity.


4. ‘Advancing’ is the platform from which we can perceive

The beauty of creation, so thrilling to believe;

We meet the awesome cosmos in much diversity;

Acknowledge God in all things in wondrous harmony.


5. ‘Advancing’ is the mindset; our endless journeys run

Through myst’ry, question, wonder, for each and everyone;

Uncertainty is routine, but confidence is high

For God is past and future; in God we live and die.


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