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Against the Stream

Progressive Christianity between Pulpit and Pew

A collection of sermons between 2002-2012 and a brief history of liberal/progressive Christianity in Australia

A progressive Christianity is not new in Australia. In one form or another it has been around for 170 years or so. What is new about its current expression now called ‘progressive’, is this open and inclusive faith is ‘coming out’ or resurfacing in thousands of congregations in mainline churches in Australia and around the world as a dynamic grassroots movement (From the Preface).

In this collection of sermons and brief history of liberal/progressive Christianity in Australia, religious naturalist, progressive liturgist and social ecologist, Rex A. E. Hunt introduces some of the heroes of the early and current progressive movements in Australia, outlines the story of this contemporary expression, and highlights some of its characteristics. All the time his comments show the results of a progressive theology and biblical literacy that have shaped his sermons and communications between pulpit and pew.

Drawing on more than 40 years experience in and around the Australian and international progressive religious movements, this collection is an important resource for all those seeking a relevant faith beyond creed, set answers, and conservative neo-orthodoxy, which have shackled the church ever since the 1970s.

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