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Be Fearless. Inspired. Unstoppable. For Change.



You can now access the teachings and vision from the unprecedented weekend retreat with Andrew Harvey and over twenty visionaries who are changing the world:

Be Fearless. Inspired. Unstoppable. For Change.

During this event, I will be sharing my latest vision of what Sacred Activism can accomplish in this devastating time of change and rebirth, while Linda will be sharing what she has learned from living with the white lions in their natural Heartlands for over two decades.

The fusion of these two visions will provide you with a unique set of tools, practices, modalities of action and inspiration at a time when these make the difference between a life of paralyzing fear and a life that is centered on joy, meaning and dedication to birthing a new world.

What our students are saying:

“Be Fearless expanded both my heart and consciousness. Andrew’s and Linda’s stirring lectures felt intimate, aligning us with Source.” ~ Emily

“Be Fearless ignited and rekindled a fire in my body and soul strengthening my resolve … Linda Tucker and Andrew Harvey are glorious, powerful and wise sacred teachers blessing us in their relentless call to sacred activism.” ~ Diane

“I offer deep gratitude to Andrew and Linda for their beautiful workshop entitled Be Fearless … There are no words to describe the awesome connection I felt to both of these teachers … and to all the animal guides we each experience. I was no longer alone on this path.” ~ Barbara


Visit Andrew Harvey’s website here.

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