Behold the Profit that Hides the Sins of the World- sermon video

Community Christian Church of Springfield

Published on May 12, 2013
Two explosions took place in the USA during the month of April in one week. One was in Boston where four people were killed and dozens were injured. The other was in Texas where 15 people were killed and nearly 200 were injured and 150 homes and buildings were destroyed. The media has obsessed about the Boston bombing and said almost nothing about the Texas explosion. One was an act of terror committed by two brothers, the other was an act of careless endangerment by a corporation for profit where they stored more than ten times their legal limit of explosive ammonia products yet said nothing as more than a dozen first responders risked their lives to save a business from a fire where no one lived and no one needed to have been hurt. The media does not question the deaths of the poor when profit is the motive behind their deaths but cannot tell us enough about Mosques in Boston and Islam in Russia. But who owned the plant in West, Texas? Where did the owners go to church? How were they so radicalized in their lust for money that they would place an entire town at risk? And why do we accept the deaths of the poor in indifference and silence?

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