Blessing of a Child

The Blessing of Marie

We are here to stand in awe of the life of Marie, our young friend, who in such a short time has brought us so much joy.  Through Marie we have experienced birth again in a new and more conscious way; in her, we have witnessed the process of the unfolding of the universe once again, opening us to wonder and possibility that we had forgotten.  As the meaning of her name in the Greek language is “wisdom”, so she has opened our minds to deeper dimensions, as we have marveled at her birth and growth.

We live not for ourselves alone, but for each other and for the whole human family.  Our lives are bound in a covenant of love with Marie.  We bless Marie with our desire to show her a way of life that naturally displays love, respect, and justice.  We bless her with our desire to be spiritually awakened as we are in her presence.  We bless Marie with our desire to see her grow in spiritual maturity, in wisdom, and in soulful service to others.

Each of us here has a unique role in raising this beautiful child.

Do you, Kathy and Bill, commit yourselves to raising her in a manner that inspires faithfulness, compassion, and spiritual growth?  If so, say, “We do.”

Do you, the family and friends of Marie, commit yourselves to being a faithful community that will guide and support her, body and soul, throughout her life?  If so, say, “We do.”

Let us each touch the water, and as we do, let us infuse it with our spoken and silent commitments to share with Marie the unique spiritual and practical gifts that we have been given, gifts she’ll need from us as she goes along life’s way.

(Godparent holds chalice and goes around circle, each person touching the water and adding a spoken or silent blessing, as they wish.)

Let us repeat her name together: Marie.  (Jim scoops a small handful of water over her forehead.)  Marie, with this water we bless you through the divine Spirit made known to us in many ways, many names, and many faces, and especially in your face right now!

Jim holds the child:  “I present to you Marie, priceless gift to her parents, to her family, and to all of us!  Amen!”

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